Let’s Get This Started

Just so everyone is clear and there are no hurt feelings 🙂 I am not a politically correct guy and some of the things I say here wont be either. I am not out to hurt or offend anyone but I am not going to “not say” what is real and obvious. I don’t think “everyone should get a trophy”, and you should always be shielded from all adversity. I will say, and allow to be said, any reasonable thoughts or opinions on the topic at hand.

Now, before you try to comment or post read that all again. Don’t skip over the part where I said I was not out to hurt or offend. I wont allow anything like that to be published. When your comment is not published don’t ask me why, just come back here and read this again. Don’t spend hours writing me a huge post about how I offended you as I am just going to point you back here.

Next, I am not a lawyer. Nothing I say here is legal advice. If it sounds like legal advice it is not. It is a thought or opinion. Period! If you decide to use it then do so at your own risk. Fact check it. Consider it, and then use it as YOU see fit.

Finally, have fun. I would love to see this section of the website full of great ideas and helpful info. I am constantly learning so when I post things please join in with your ideas.

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