The Politically Incorrect Side of SA.

OverheadThere is a lot of talk these days about situational awareness (SA), and for good reason. It is a great method of proactive defense. You can be the baddest black belt, gun tote’n, ex special opps operator, in the world, and if you let a 15 year old with a knife walk up behind you then they can say all that stuff about you at your funeral. Now in the real world anyone can be ambushed, but we can do a lot to prevent that. The old adage “Don’t do stupid things in stupid places etc.” fits in nicely here. Basically watch what is going on around you and avoid possible danger spots.

Today however, I want to delve into the politically incorrect part of SA. A very important part almost no one will speak of out loud. That part is known as profiling. Several years back the word profiling became politically incorrect when a group started using it to describe what they saw as racism in law enforcement. Simply by saying it so loud and so many times they were able to link the two words together until profiling and racism were the same. This was greatly aided by the fact that as soon as other groups saw that this ploy was having some success, any group wanting to divert attention from any other group would scream out “profiling”, and in our current “don’t offend anyone ever, for any reason” world, “profiling” became a taboo activity.

Now the hard truth is, this is ridiculous. Can profiling be racist? Of course it can. However, just because logical, common sense thinking adversely effects you does not mean that you are the target of racism. If there is a child molester in my neighborhood, then the odds say that an older white guy is probably the culprit and therefore if the police stop me in my white panel van that is not racism that is just adult common sense and statistics. It doesn’t mean I did anything, it is just the most logical course of investigation. At the same time, if someone is climbing the fences and breaking windows to carry off TV’s in that same neighborhood then you can probably not bother the 70 year old white guy. At least at first, take a look at the teens.

As an adult, a nation, and even a world, we all need to realize the realities of what is going on. Authorities have more than enough to keep them busy and if we want to proactively defend ourselves and our loved ones then we need to understand logical measures. If you are looking for child molesters then don’t spend a ton of time on 20 something females. If you are looking for who did the drive by, then start with the local gangs, and if you are looking for terrorist, then start with the Muslim males. That is not racist it is statistics.

How does that affect us personally in our proactive defense and SA? Well first don’t worry about being racist. The best way to not be racist is to not be racist. My neighbor happens to be black. Great guy. My best friend in the neighborhood, another black guy. I met these guys in the normal course of life in the neighborhood. Had I seen them in hoodies sitting in front of the local convenience store would I have seen them in the same light? I can assure you I would not have. Would they have been the same men I know today? I dare say they would not have been, at the very least they would have put themselves in a place to be viewed differently. That is not racist that is situationally aware. If I stop at the Quicktrip up the street to get gas and two or three black guys in hoodies are standing around I watch them as possible trouble. The fact is, if it is two or three white, or Hispanic guys in hoodies, or they are all tatted up, or just dirty and unkept, then I keep a watchful eye on them.  Where my safety and that of my loved ones is concerned I base my thoughts and actions on logic and don’t worry about political correctness.

Why does the young girl get on the elevator in the parking garage with two young punk looking males? Why does the black trucker that stopped at the bar in the middle of nowhere still walk in when he opens the door and sees the all white crowd stop talking and stare at him? Why does the older white guy get out of his Infinity at the car wash where three black males are just hanging out? They do it because of political correctness. We don’t want to offend anyone. So what happens if the young girl doesn’t get on that elevator? Well the two punks might be offended. They might laugh at her or even call her the B word, but she definitely does not get raped on that elevator. What happens to the black trucker if he turns around and leaves that bar? He might get laughed at and even called the N word for walking away, but he definitely doesn’t find out that this is the local skinhead hangout and disappear in the swamp in the middle of nowhere. Finally the old white guy might have to drive around in a dirty Infinity. He might get laughed at or even called a racist, but he definitely won’t get carjacked or mugged at that car wash.

Look sports fans, you all profile every day. If you say you don’t then you are lying to me or yourself but you are wrong. If you don’t fly on planes with one or more engines that are not working, then you profiled. If you only stay in hotels with more than 3 stars, you profiled. Profiling is in every part of our lives. It helps us find our dates, our mates, and our friends. So use it wisely to help you be situationally aware and proactively defensive.

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