What If Game

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What If Game

So how many of you played that “What if” game I talked about last week? Did you run in to some problems? If not then you have most likely been playing a long time, you are a very decisive person, or you are not playing hard enough.

Let me be clear. If you really think about this it is a very hard game.

I will show you what I mean with an example. What if you are walking in to a small gas station to pay, or buy a drink? As you open the door the cashier counter runs the width of the store just to your right so in order to speak to the cashier you would only need to take five steps in and turn to your right. In that exact spot you see a guy, kind of scruffy looking, holding a gun on the guy behind the register. No one else is around. Solid wall beyond your target so you have a clear shot. Now let’s play. First have you decided if you are an “I only draw my gun if I fear for MY life”, or will you use it to protect others? If you are only going to use it to save you then this is easy. Shut that door and run. Whatever happens inside is none of your concern, and honestly, I cannot say that you are wrong for feeling like this. It will make your life much easier. Personally I can’t do it. My sense of right and wrong and my conscience would just not allow me to leave innocent people to face the wolves alone. So those of you still with me, what is your next move? Do you try to draw and force the gunman to drop his gun? I can tell you that if he decides to turn and shoot you instead there is about a 98% chance that the best outcome you can hope for are mutual hits. Don’t believe me? Come to one of my classes and I will prove it over and over. He can turn and fire before you can register his movement and fire. My first CHL instructor told me that if you drew then you shoot. So is that your choice here? You draw and shoot. You are good and with his arm holding the gun on the other guy your shot takes both lungs and his heart the first shot. He is down immediately and will be gone before you can get to his side. Did we make the right choice? As you move into the store to make sure the cashier is ok you see the cashier laying in a pool of blood behind the counter. The guy you thought was a cashier is now reaching for his own gun and the off duty police officer that you just killed is not going to be any help.

I hope this little example helps you see just how serious this game is and how important it is. I can’t say that playing it will assure you that you never make a mistake but think how much better your chances are if you have considered these things beforehand rather than just stumbling in and having to run through all the possibilities in under a second.

Feel free to list your own answers or post your “what if” example in the comments on my website.





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