Who Is In My Home?

NegativeWho Is In My Home?

I have had several questions about the resent incidents where children were mistakenly shot in their home by parents. These are usually teens that are sneaking in or out with or without friends.

There are plenty of safety and common sense issues to address here but I am really only going to touch on one, that will solve a ton of troubles. I understand that I am going to tread on some mall ninja, tacticool guru toes here but…. Well see my first post ever on my website.

So you hear a noise in your house. Visions of super cool movie stars stalking through their home with tactical lights flashing here and there and various versions of low ready and such flash through your mind. You go over concealment and cover and the layout of your home. Ok let me say the plain truth. Humans do not function best in the dark. Everything is harder and scarier in the dark. Yes I have heard all the “you know the layout” tactical advantage stuff, but the honest truth is almost everything gets better with light. If you have to search/clear your house. Consider this. TURN ON THE LIGHTS. I have yet to hear a good argument against this. Yes carry your surefire tactical light but almost every room in your home has a switch right by the door. You don’t have to go through to turn it on. Quietly go up, reach your arm through and sweep the switch. Then step back into your dark room slice the pie and handle the door as you normally would. You are not revealing your position any more than you are any time you flash that tactical light. I assure you that the overhead light in a room will allow you to identify who and what is in there much better than even the brightest tactical light. After you have cleared the room you can decide if you are best served by leaving that light on or turning it back off. Have your surefire in your pocket or waistband or wherever leaving your hands free to operate your firearm with both, giving you the most control.

This takes some thought and practice but the family member you don’t shoot, and you will think it is worth the trouble. Feel free to share your thoughts.


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