Republicans won so the republic is saved!!! Right????

OnthegroundRepublicans won so the republic is saved!!! Right????

No I am not going to go all political on you except to work it back to what is important to the firearms community. Here are my predictions and I hope I am wrong. I don’t think much is going to change. I don’t think we will secure our borders in any meaningful way. I don’t think the 20 million illegal aliens in this country now, have much to worry about. I don’t think we will make a real dent in radical Islam. I don’t think our mentally ill will suddenly get all the help they need, nor do I believe that the fringe anti-government types will get what they need to feel all warm and cozy.

In short I look for the lone wolf type attacks to continue. The anti-government types will continue to see a real enemy in the state, and will be emboldened by each attack that goes before them. They will see it as evidence that the time has come. The Islamist will also continue to attack and be encouraged by each success. Their attacks will continue to be under reported and played down by our media. Now for my grand prediction. Within a year we will have a larger scale wolf pack style attack like the mall in Mumbai, only it will happen right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

So how does that effect you and me as average Joes? Well we need to sit down and have a real serious talk with ourselves. When I started carrying I considered my worst case scenario to be a strung out punk with a poorly maintained 25 or 32. Now I think you need to look at the fact that there is a huge group of feral humans out there. Regardless of the pack they run with, that is what they are. Feral humans have lost any regard for any other person in this world. Instead of the punk that just wants your money and no real trouble, you are now just as likely to be facing 5 guys in a movie or mall that don’t care about your money and only want to make a statement with your life. Instead of a 32 they may be carrying an ARs or AK 47s.

How do we handle this new world and this new breed? Again sit down and have that serious talk. Think about what I have said here and decide if you think I have fallen off the paranoid gun nut tree on my head, or if you see the possibility of what I have said here being real. If you agree that things are not looking good for us domestic types then consider these things.

First, CARRY YOUR GUN ALL THE TIME! Yes back in the day I picked and chose where I carried. If there didn’t seem to be a reason to carry then I didn’t because it was too much trouble. Today though there is no time that you can be sure you are safe. I doubt seriously that the woman in Oklahoma thought she was in any real danger while she was at work that day. I feel quite sure that those four police officers felt pretty secure as they stood there together for that picture. You just don’t know. Carry your gun.

Second, think again about the gun you are carrying. Yes carry the size that you will carry 100% of the time but, while that Ruger LCP might be a solution for the punk with the 32, how are you going to feel when you hear several ARs ring out at the Walmart? I want a duty size gun with as much ammo as I can get and my red dot site is not making me feel bad either.

Next let’s talk about that ammo. Long ago I fell into the old “if I can’t solve it in 15 then I am in trouble” crowd, but in today’s reality magazines are actually pretty easy to carry. If you are worried that you might be outnumbered or outgunned then the more ammo you have the better you will feel. I can carry three spare mags pretty easy.

Now you are armed think about your skill. Just having the gun was pretty effective against that lone punk, but now? Have you ever thought about how to handle multiple advisories? Have you ever tried to make an accurate shot at 30 or 50 yards? Do you know how to use cover? Know the difference between cover and concealment? If you think you are lacking or even rusty in any area, then get some training. Yes train, but train with someone else. They will give you ideas that you would never come up with on your own. While we are talking about training I want to emphasize something. Every professional training class you have ever taken gives you some kind of “check your six” mention. Sadly it usually isn’t much more than that but at this point YOU must get serious about everything that is going on around you 360*. The poor guy that was going to do the right thing in the Walmart and was shot by the bad guy’s wife just got caught in the “candle moth” syndrome. He was totally focused on his intended target and never realized there was more than one.

Finally, decide now. Are you just getting the heck out of there or are you standing up to this evil? I am not going to tell you that there is a right answer here. For me it depends on many factors. Who is waiting for you at home? Who is with you when it happens? When and where are you? What is your level of training? You are not the police. You have no duty to act. For me though if I was at the mall I am not sure I could just “get out”. If my wife was in that mall alone and a conceal carry guy could have helped her, then I would be forever thankful. With that in mind I don’t think I could just leave all those other wives and kids in there without even trying to help. There is no easy call so have that talk with yourself now.



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