Black Lives Matter


The question is who do they matter too? It is not the race baiters out there screaming for blood in the streets. Much of that blood would be young black people. It is not even the black community it would seem as they make no logical move to correct it. You cannot correct police brutality by stealing a television or murdering a random white person. If the people you think care are those protestors then your cause is lost. They don’t even know what they are protesting. They are protesting the police? The police did not fail to indict either of the officers in the two cases people are protesting. Grand juries did. Who are grand juries? We are! That’s right they are protesting themselves. So first any of them that have ever gotten out of jury duty should punch themselves in the face, go home, and shut up. What’s more they elected the DA’s in each of those cases. Again protesting their own votes and if they didn’t vote then, punch to the face, go home, and shut up.

Life is not that hard. If you want to improve the situation with the police it is fairly simple. First stop robbing, raping, and killing. Those things put you at odds with most of society. If you are not doing those things then great. Now stop putting up with them from your neighbor. If he is a robber, rapist, or killer then turn him in and support the people that are coming after him. Next stop blaming everyone else. Vote for people that you have researched and know will work for the things you want. Don’t vote for a person just because he looks like you. Get off your butt and do some research. Don’t avoid responsibility. If you get called for jury duty then serve. Quit crying because the police force does not reflect your community. If it doesn’t then it is because your community is to lazy or too busy robbing, raping, and killing to become police officers. You know how you get on the police force? You go to school, don’t commit crimes, don’t take illegal drugs, and then you put an application in. Raise your kids so they qualify and then encourage them to do good things with their lives and in their communities. There is no reason that cities should have to beg for minorities to join the police force. It is right there for them. If they want a representative force then apply.

cardefenceFor those of us on the sideline watching in wonder, be careful. The mob that killed the man with hammers has no idea what his beliefs are. He may well have been looking for a parking spot so he could join their protest. His beliefs and ideas made no difference to that pack. They killed him for the way he looked. You may feel that you are “one of them” because you agree with how they feel and you understand. Like the last American that was beheaded, it will make no difference. He was there to help the very people that killed him. He had time to explain to them that he cared about them and their plight. Be very aware of what is going on around you. Trust your instincts and more importantly act on them. If you think something looks funny at that gas station, parking lot, or store, then don’t stop there. If you see a large crowd and you don’t know what is going on or why it is there then turn away. Don’t stop your vehicle, and for god’s sake don’t get out if you are stopped. If you have no way around and are stopped by a crowd then stop as soon as possible and don’t threaten them. Stay in the car and let them move away. If they don’t move away and come after you then start moving slowly. At this point you are committed, continue to move forward increasing your speed slowly and blasting your horn. Those that are not completely feral will have the chance to move out of your way. You are shooting for a speed of about 20mph. This is fast enough to out run the mob but slow enough so that you don’t look like you are just trying to mow them down. This slower speed will also help you see obstacles that are obscured by the pack. Carry your gun all the time no matter where you are going but don’t leave a car to try and use a gun, the car is the more effective weapon. The gun is for any that might breach the car by smashing a window and trying to come in, or to get to your car. All that said remember the first part. Don’t go stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things. Stay safe in these confusing times.

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