The Great Divide

The Great Divide

CriminalsSo why is there such a huge divide in the people that think that cops are riding around looking for people to kill, and the cops themselves? This can be simplified pretty quickly. First you must eliminate all the fringe. The anti-whatever as well as the truly bad cops that are in fact on a power trip. I honestly believe that both are in the minority.

After that it really comes down to the fact that those people feeling oppressed are dreamers. I am not condoning nor condemning them rather just trying to describe them. They are the people that think everyone should just get what they need. If you need healthcare then someone should give it to you. If you need a job then you should get it. When you need more money then you should get a raise. They think from an emotional place where things just happen.

The police on the other hand are realist. Like firemen, soldiers, and doctors, they think in terms of their experiences. So if 90% of all the calls they go on, the bad guy is black, then they start watching out for black people. No it does not make them think that every black person is a bad guy but yes their radar is up. This goes for any experience they gain. If most bad guys wear hoodies then they watch out for guys in hoodies. As simple as that. The more they see it, the more they believe it.

That creates the catch 22. The dreamers think that the realist should just stop that, or they will punish them for it. They riot, or attack them with violence. The realist just see this as more proof of the dreamers’ violent anti-social ways and they gear up to deal with it, and protect themselves. You are never going to convince a realist that you are a good person deserving of respect by trying to kill him or applauding as others do.

So how does this affect those of us that I am really talking to here, my customers and potential customers? Well most of us are realist as well. We might feel that we are immune to a lot of these troubles since we relate to the police and generally agree with them. Sadly this might not be true. We need to realize just what a heightened state of alert everyone might be in. The dreamers of course are looking for an excuse to teach us a lesson, but even the police are amped up as they feel under siege. They don’t know that you are on their side. At this time with the administrations and attitudes they are forted up and everyone, from all sides, is a potential enemy. As rational reasonable people we need to recognize that this is just the reality. That cop, that a year ago might not have batted an eye could now go into adrenalin dump over the slightest thing. Is it right? Maybe not, but we need to realize it is the reality. As an adult we need to be more considerate and careful than normal to avoid pushing these situations.

Good KyleJust think it through. You are stopped by the police in Texas for no inspection sticker. Your car has Michigan plates and needs no sticker so the cop is wrong. For whatever reason he grabs your arm to cuff you. Well again he is wrong and has no reason to act like that. Now here is the thinking part, you can resist him grabbing you and the fight will be on. How are you going to win that fight? You going to shoot him? The end result here is you will be beat up, tazzed, and maybe killed, by this officer or some of his back up. Even though he was completely wrong at the start. Option two, you let him turn you around and cuff you. You comply with his instructions and talk to whomever you are given the chance to talk to. Most likely a Sargent is going to show up on the scene and start asking what is up. So his car wasn’t in violation? He didn’t actually do anything? Sir we are sorry for the inconvenience and you are on your way. You can now decide if you want to pursue a complaint or just move on with your life. The point is while you may not be happy you are not beat, tazzed, or dead, and making sure of that is what my job is.


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