Lethal Lace Holster System Review

lethal lace pic

Day one: Received the Lethal Lace holster to ‘give it a try’ (Thanks to Troy at  Amason Advanced Firearms and Training (AmasonAdvanced.com)).  I know there are videos out there to instruct how to wrap it on, but how hard can it be?  I mean really.  So, casual day with family I put on the holster with my Kahr CW9.  I tried several times to position it in an appendix carry but was having a little problem with that so I slid it to side carry.  Wrapping three yards of stretchy lace by yourself is a little tricky but doable.  Pulled on my usual jeans and t-shirt and off I went.  I did get a few little stabs during the day depending on my bending motions but spent a good part of the day driving and the weapon itself was quite comfortable.  I will say however, the lacy band did tend to bunch up in my waistline opposite the weapon.  OK, no big deal but it did make for a slightly less comfortable ‘ride’.  But we all know carrying does not mean it has to be comfortable.  By the evening when I removed it I was feeling it was ok, but not great.  I mean really, I have such high hopes to find that perfect holster.  Don’t we all?

Day two:  I broke down and watched the videos.  I watched several videos on how to wrap the Lethal Lace. Discovered I did it all wrong on day one, go figure.

Day three: Just a day around the house, not intending to go out so am staying super comfy in my yoga pants.  I decide it’s a good day to try again, now that I know the RIGHT way to wrap and at the same time let’s just see how well it can be concealed in yoga pants.  Wrapping is still a bit of a challenge but I’m getting better.  As stated earlier I truly prefer appendix carry.  I feel I can get to my weapon faster and in a more natural movement for me.  I know everyone is different though so bear with me.  This time I wrapped in the correct direction.  I have discovered so far that if you wrap it up around waist level (and ladies if you have a decent waistline at all) the fabric really bunches and wads in around your waist.  Now this in not to say it is terribly uncomfortable because the material in super soft, I’m just saying it does this.  Once I discovered this, I decided to go lower.  I started over to get a good tight wrap and went down more toward my hips but with the weapon still positioned in front of my hip bone.  It still rides up and bunches somewhat at the waistline.

Shifted it to my calf to see how that works.  It is very secure.  However, with the Kahr it is obvious that I am carrying.  Not concealed from anyone with the gift of sight.

Day four:  Headed back out an about town today so going with the jeans and loose shirt today.  I’m getting better at the wrap!  Woo Hoo!  Didn’t take me near as long today and the weapon is very secure in a low appendix position.

Pardon the pun, but here is my wrap up on the Lethal Lace holster. It is a good sound choice for a holster. It does keep the weapon secure and for shorter periods of time it is comfortable.  Let me be clear though if you have a curve it does migrate and bunch and after a few hours I felt like I had to keep adjusting it.  It wasn’t uncomfortable but it felt ‘out of place’.  My suggestion and where I would definitely turn to this method of carrying would be on short term, special occasions. Gotta put on a dress or a nice business suit, grab Lethal Lace.  You can snug it up nice and tight and not worry about printing for a few hours. If you foresee this situation, buy Lethal Lace early and allow yourself time to practice the wrap. I do like Lethal Lace and will recommend it to friends. Personally though, it will not become my full time, everyday method of carrying.  My quest continues.

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