Do You Really Need To Reinvent The Wheel?


So when I take on something new, I spend a good bit of effort, and research on trying not to reinvent the wheel. For instance I cannot tell you the best place for you to put your hands on a steering wheel when you drive. It is not possible to disprove whatever arguments you are going to come up with to justify your placement. However I can tell you where 99.9% of all professional drivers put theirs. In fact where 99.9% of all people when they think the driving is going to be serious use the same spots. So instead of trying to invent something new and work through all the reasons that this new thing is better I (not always, but mostly) tend to go with what is overwhelmingly accepted.

With that in mind I want to talk about where you place your gun when you carry, in the waistband. The crowd I really like and follow for the most part is Suarez International, headed up by Gabe Suarez. The guy is awesome. However that whole crowd has gone with what is referred to as appendix carry. Now again I cannot tell anyone where the best place to carry is. It is all an opinion and anyone can defend their choice with arguments that can’t be broken. I would like to point a few things out though, just in case you’re thinking about where you really want to carry.

While negative things can be pointed out about any placement I want to point out a few about appendix carry. First it is the only placement, let me point this out again, the only placement where a negligent discharge is likely to be fatal or make you wish it had been. Here is a recent story about a man in Milwaukee County. . Sadly drawing and reholstering is a very common place for a negligent discharge to occur. I hope you train hard and never have one. There are a lot of people that train very hard, and it still happens to them. If I ever have one I pray to god that it does not hurt anyone. Even me. If you don’t train hard then what are your odds? How many things have you done in your life, and never made a single mistake? Next I will tell you as a martial artist, if I have to fight you, in contact range, and you are going to try and draw your gun on me then the place that I want you to have it more than anywhere else is in front of your body. If it is, then I can foul your draw by basically touching your arm anywhere from your bicep down. Your arm is accessible to me, and by pinning it to your body, I can keep you from drawing.

Yes I understand there are positives to this carry. Easier to draw from a sitting position, although I question the comfort of sitting for long periods with your gun there. Easier to draw when you are on your back in a fight, again if you are on your back in a fight then I think it may be pretty easy to foul that draw. In any case if this is your carry method of choice I understand you can defend it, but for me just the two negatives I have pointed out are enough to make me say that the risk is not worth the reward here.

obstaclesSo where is the perfect carry placement in my opinion? Well it didn’t take a ton of research to find that 99% spot. People have been carrying pistols a long time and the overwhelming majority except in the CCL crowd have always and still carry at 3 o’clock. Think about this a second. You want to know where the best place to put your hands on the wheel is. Ask a race driver. You want to know the best place to put your gun. Ask a professional. Where do cops carry? Where do all professional competitors carry? Actually it is those guys. The ones that are trying to shoot the most accurate the fastest that should really tell you something. They are looking for every advantage, and they all carry on their hip.

So with that in mind, carry on. I hope that this little article helps in some way. Even if it does not affect the way you carry maybe in some other place you will catch yourself and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

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