Make a Dang Choice

I try to keep my articles gun related but as things are today race, politics, or religion, could be gun related in a matter of heart beats, so here you go. 

I like golf and my wife loves the beach, so when we vacation often we look for a place where both are available. Here’s the thing. When my wife comes to the golf course with me she does not bring her towel and beach umbrella and lay out in a sand trap. Similarly when I accompany her to the beach I don’t drop a basket of balls out and start flying them into the masses of swimmers and sun bathers.

Why not? This is America, a free country, right? My wife has a right to lay out anywhere she wants!!!!

While she can indeed technically argue that, a little common sense says, it just isn’t true. She can love the beach, but still come to the golf course. She doesn’t even have to golf. However she is expected to behave in a manner that allows all the golfers to do what they came there to do. Just like I can love golf and still go to the beach and swim or lay out on my towel and soak in the sun. So I make a choice. I am not a beach golfer and she is not a golf bather.

Now here come the exploding heads. You are not African American nor are you Mexican American. You cannot be. You are either American or you are African. You are either Mexican or you are American. You can be a Mexican living in America, or an African living in America but again you are not African American. If you want to be African then by all means go live in Africa. If you are African and want to be American then assimilate. Adopt our culture, our values, and celebrate our way of life. If you want to be African and live in America then know our laws and customs and politely allow us to follow them. In your home you can follow whatever culture you like, but this is The United States. It was formed based on Christen beliefs. We celebrate Christmas and Easter. You do not have to celebrate with us but just like my wife at the golf course you need to be polite and allow the people that do appreciate the country they live in to follow its customs and beliefs. IF they recite The Pledge OF Allegiance or pray in the morning at school, you do not have to pledge or pray, but stand quietly and let them. Your hair will not catch on fire even if you are a devout Satanist, and no they do not have to make time or space for your religious beliefs. If you have special needs for those things then that is on you. Feel free to home school. Again you are living in the United States of America.

I had a chief while I was on the force. His parents were actually Mexican. He was born and raised in the US. He still felt very close to his Mexican heritage and he wanted his children to know and respect it as well. Inside of his house they lived as they would have in Mexico. They spoke Spanish 100% of the time from the time his kids were born, but he said if they were talking as they left the house, when a kid’s foot hit the step just outside the door he switched to English. Outside of their home they were Americans.

I have a little more trouble understanding the African side of this. I mean I trace my roots back to Finland. I think. Honestly I don’t know any of my relatives that were anything other than American. I don’t know the Finish culture because it really has nothing to do with who I am or who anyone in my family has ever been. I have a number of black friends and to the best of my knowledge none of them know any of their relatives that were ever African. Now maybe those people that want to study a culture that they originated from, no matter how far removed, are better than me and I should be ashamed for my lack of interest, but I do question this. In any case I still say “Make a Choice”. The one choice you can’t make without causing pain to you and all around you is, you cannot be a beach golfer or a golf swimmer. If you choose to go against all those around you then you will always cause and be in trouble.


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