Everybody take a deep breath. OOHHMMMMMMMMM.

My first article of 2017 was not brought on by the shooting at the Ft Lauderdale airport, as much as by a statement a friend made regarding said shooting. Now this friend is a great guy. He is smart, logical, reasonable, and is a strong supporter of our second amendment rights. In this instance I just think his statement gives us all a good point to think things through.

What he said, and I am paraphrasing, was “Airport security sucks, and that is why I don’t fly.”

While I am not sure I want to debate either of those statements in general, they were made in relation to the recent shooting, and I would like to address them based on that reference.

As is usual after one of these instances a ton of people come out to explain why this happened, whose fault it was, and what we must do to fix it. The short version of this is we need more security and of course we need more gun control. Security, basically means safe places. Gun free zones. Someone watching over the area to keep it safe. The gun control part is just winged based on the circumstances of the incident.

Also as usual me and my smart, logical, and reasonable friends come out and explain that Safe zones don’t work against criminals that are willing to break the law to the point of murder, and gun control only insures that no good guys will have a gun when the criminal attacks.

I think that because this incident happened at an airport that has security in place and is a touchy subject for us, a lot of reasonable people are speaking when they should be breathing. I get it. It is our nature as humans to always strive for better. To always fix any problem that presents itself. The trouble is everyone is trying to find a logical fix for a problem that has no logical basis. It will always defy absolute solutions. My friend pointed out that the TSA had failed many test and lots of weapons had gotten by them. Honestly that is not relevant. Even if the TSA was 100% perfect and no weapon was ever smuggled past them, any gunman could simply shoot his way right through them. Like any safe space it is only safe against people that already follow the rules. You can put security in the baggage area but that means the attack will occur in the ticketing area. If you attempt to secure the entire airport then it will happen at the huge lines at the entrance. The point is that any and all security can be breached. Banks are robbed. Army bases are attacked. Credit card info is stolen, and computers are hacked. If you build it, they will beat it. So before you start screaming for more, better, bigger security, take a breath and think. Will what I am calling for really stop a crazy or determined person from ever hurting anyone?

Next as to the “that’s why I don’t fly” part. If you don’t fly because airport security can be defeated then basically you should stay in your house and never come out. You will not be safe in restaurants because their security is a joke. For god sake don’t go into a store. This includes, food, clothes, stand alone, mall, etc. Our highways and byways, well if you are worried about security you could just sell your car because you will not be wanting to travel on those. Now before my pro-gun friends start yelling that some licensed carrier would draw and shoot the bad guy I am just going to say get real. Yes I am pro-gun and yes I think it is safer when good guys are carrying but in a crowded place almost anyone could pull and dump a magazine before anyone could reasonably react. How successful the bad guy was would just be a matter of luck and training.

The point I am making here is there simply may not be a need for any grand actions here. Take a breath and look things over. Sure if there is something that would really stop that crazy determined killer then let’s work it out. However new laws, or restrictions that really only effect the masses whom are not intent on murder should be avoided. I like to travel with my gun. I carry it to classes or hunting. I like being able to go to the airport to pick up friends and family without facing huge lines at the toll plaza and having to go home to disarm before going in. If we can do something to make TSA work better then great, but I am not really sure you can make it 100% and I am sure you can make things 100% more of a hassle. The TSA isn’t really there to stop all weapons. They are there to keep them off planes. With that in mind I think their choke point is in the perfect place. As always feel free to comment or discuss. I am going to ask that you consider remaining calm and carrying on. OOHHMMMMMMM.

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