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TroyTroy Amason (Troy@AmasonAdvanced.com) is a retired Captain with the Carrolton Fire Department, located in Carrollton, Texas where he served the community for almost 29 years.  During his time as a first responder, he was exposed to all types of violence, with a first-hand view of the aftermath, and the outcome.  This experience has given him an extensive knowledge of ballistic trauma and its treatment.

Troy began hunting when he was very young, he still enjoys the outdoors and being in nature and its surroundings.  These real life encounters and experiences have taught him a great love and respect for the outdoors.

In addition, Troy holds a fifth degree black belt in Matsamura Kenpo Shorin Ryu karate.  He has owned and taught classes in local dojos in the DFW area for over 20 years, and has also taught self-defense seminars for local schools, youth groups, YMCA, and city recreation departments.  This extensive martial arts background has given him a distinct advantage in training to defend you with a firearm.  Despite what some training may have lead people to believe, self-defense situations are not slow, deliberate, meet in the street at noon and draw situations.  They are always sudden, very unexpected, and violent occurrences.  Troy’s experience and classes are more accurately tailored to that.

While Troy has experience with many types of long guns, he began to focus on hand guns over 30 years ago.  He has trained with numerous instructors and most recently with Gabe Suarez of Suarez International, where he received his instructor certification.  He teaches all levels of defensive pistol, from choosing your first gun, to force on force gun fighting.

Troy is not an ego driven gun guru, rather a trainer with a genuine desire to see that you get the best information and training possible, given your unique circumstances.  His goal is to help you get what you need, including the confidence that you can successfully defend yourself in any given situation.


Kyle Kutach (Kyle@AmasonAdvanced.com) is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Texas Concealed Handgun License instructor, and holds multiple instructor certifications from the National Rifle Association as a firearms trainer (pistol, rifle/carbine and personal protection) and range safety officer.

Kyle has been an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast for virtually his entire life. Firing his first pistol shots at the age of 4, he continues to the present with a lifelong passion and interest in all things firearms-related.  He holds a Federal Firearms License as a curio and relic collector but has a keen interest in anything “new and shiny” as well.  Kyle also reloads his own handgun and rifle cartridges and teaches a basic class in how to get started in this rewarding hobby.  A Texas peace officer and instructor for 20 years and veteran of the US Army, Kyle competed in police and civilian firearms matches for many years.    Having completed thousands of hours of in-service police training and as a law enforcement instructor licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE), Kyle taught basic police trainees in law enforcement classes in the Houston, Texas area for several years.

With literally hundreds of students who have completed his firearms training classes, Kyle appreciates the needs of the adult student and calls on his background and skills to provide informative and entertaining instruction suited for both beginning and advanced shooters. His “regular job” is corporate manager of occupational safety and health for one of the largest cement and aggregate producers in the world.