About us

FoF 044aAmason Advanced and Amason Arms grew out of a lifelong enthusiasm for the outdoors, firearms, and the ability to live free of fear. We are located in the DFW area of Texas, but are able and willing to travel anywhere in the world. I am just as happy to teach a group at their location as I am teaching at one of my local ranges.

My early background is with traditional martial arts, but I have long understood that no weapon is capable of totally leveling any encounter, other than a firearm. I use that knowledge, and a genuine desire, to help every person I contact, to reach their personal highest level of comfort and confidence in their self-defense options.

I can tell you that there is nothing more personal than purchasing a firearm. We are very experienced in looking at all the factors that you will want to consider and then advising you on some of the best options for your situation, but our goal is always to help you pick the best choice for YOU.

Our classes are grown from my martial arts background where you start out in a very safe and basic environment, but the ultimate goal is always to progress to a point where you are the one in control of any encounter. In martial arts, no matter the system any student that continues to train progresses to a point where they are allowed to use what they have learned in a free environment. This might be a free style self-defense drill, or sparing with a fellow student, or even an MMA style match. However most gun training lacks this final step. We are trained and practice against unarmed and mostly stationary opponents. Even most “tactical” training is all theory and what we are told our opponent will do. Our classes are geared to go beyond this normal stopping point. We teach you to do what wins in real fights against real opponents and give you the chance to ACTUALLY practice and win in those situations.

I personally believe that every responsible person should be armed and capable of defending themselves and those around them. By coming here and reading this you have shown that you are at least considering this same thing. I hope that you contact us and, truly look forward to helping you in whatever way possible with your choice to secure your future.