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If you look back in the archived articles on my website I know at some point I have written that I think you should not lock yourself into one instructor. That goes for everyone and includes me. As an instructor I have great confidence in what I teach but if I never look at anyone else how do I know that it has not been surpassed or dated?

With that in mind I got the chance to take a class from Todd Rassa. He is a regular guest instructor at The Sig Academy in NH. He teaches a number of their classes as well as a ton of his own stuff. Let me start off by saying that Todd is first and foremost just a nice guy. While he does have some impressive Boston PD credentials he does not come off as that guy with the huge ego we have all seen teaching these type of classes. He laughs at himself, jokes and makes the entire experience very comfortable and a pleasure.

The class I took was Armed Civilian Response to Active Shooter. I was feeling a little sheepish about taking this class but I wanted to take something that would just be fun. Then after the first day of class I got back to the hotel and a friend texted me, telling me to turn on the news, and Paris took care of all those sheepish feelings. Hard to have a better example of timely, and practical for a class or an instructor.

The class was split about 40/60 class/range. The write up said between 300 and 400 rds of ammo and I ended up at 500. This was a nice aspect of taking the class at The Sig Academy as the instructor just pulls cases of ammo to use and you settle up at the end of class so you have no travel worries about ammo. Also they will lend you a gun, holster, and magazines and those are free of charge.


I took the opportunity to try out the Sig striker fired platform the P320. I chose the compact and interestingly enough Todd and his crew have recently converted to this gun. It was amazingly accurate, easy to shoot, and overall, is making me think about my everyday carry.

Back to the class review. So if you are the academic type there was plenty of classroom PowerPoint with discussion of past and possible future active shooters with some insights that only PD could give you.

If on the other hand you came to shoot, then there were plenty of both drills and scenarios that gave you a chance to learn as well as test your skills in a more real world set up then you can get on your own at any range.

The only possible disparaging thing I can think of is this. The class was full. Sixteen people. That means that with as much material as Todd covered the time drilling was mostly limited to one time through. This is always a problem for instructors. If only two people show up then you run the same drill over and over. If too many show up then you only have time to show them the drill, run through it real quick and move on. I did learn some new things that you can’t practice at most ranges and I would have loved to have had more time to drill them in. Todd demos most of his drills live fire, so he is not just standing back there talking. You get to see how he thinks it should look.

IMG_0678This was not a beginner’s class. You did not have to be an expert but you had to have some skills when you showed up. We covered some room clearing, escape and evasion, extreme close quarter’s battle, and tactical decision making. You need to be comfortable drawing from a concealed holster and shooting on the move while maintaining safety for everyone around you.

If these things interest you I recommend you look up Todd Rassa. He teaches primarily up in NH but now lives in TX and I think you will be seeing more of him down here

Are We Doing it Again? (A rose by any other name)

T-shirts 001 008Now I know that there are some purist that have never faltered, but most of us that are honest can look and admit that we as gun people either did or allowed this. What “this” am I speaking of? Well First we began referring to any auto loading weapon as an automatic, instead of differentiating between auto, and semi-auto. This has come back to bite us, as every gun grabber points out to the uneducated that we do not need, and should not have machine guns!

Next we started calling magazines, clips. We did that for so long that the words truly became interchangeable. In fact it went on so long that a lot of gun people didn’t even know there was a difference. Then suddenly as people tried to prove that they were the supreme authority on all things guns, they started using this misunderstanding against the lesser informed to prove their superior knowledge.

Yes yes I know some of you always knew and used the correct terms but again if you are honest you saw how wide spread these things were. I am absolutely guilty. I almost never stopped someone when they said clip. I knew what they meant and it just wasn’t a big deal. Just like automatic wasn’t a big deal till it was.

So what has gotten me all riled up? I just entered a shooting league. Of course one of the rules is “No optics”. Well my every day carry has had a Doctor III red dot sight on it for two years. I really haven’t shot anything else. In getting ready for this league I pulled the Red dot slide off and put the original slide with iron sights back on. This is when I made an interesting discovery. I cannot see my iron sights! In the last few years my eyes have started getting a little worse so I have had to go to glasses for distance and I look under them to see in closer. Looking through my glasses means that my iron sights are a fuzzy doubled blob on top of my gun. Looking without my glasses brings the sights into focus but leaves my target blurred beyond the point of distinguishing different areas. Now before you throw out the “Your front sight is in focus and your target is blurred” fact at me let me just hold you back. That is a very simplified description of a very complicated bit of visual calisthenics your eyes go through. Your eye bounces from target to rear sights to front sight and as the shooting goes on it continues to bounce and refocus as you need input. Where are you hitting (target focus)? How is your sight alignment (sights)? Refined sight picture (front sight). That visual Jujitsu will continue throughout a string of fire almost imperceptible to you. You are not moving your eye so much as it is constantly focusing. A Red dot sight works differently. You focus on the target and the dot simply imposes over it. All of your focus is down range at your target so my glasses work great.

Realizing that I am going to get hammered in this league because I have no good solution to being able to only see one or the other is what made me realize what we are doing. Forever we have been referring to anything we look through as “an optic”. It’s not!

Webbsters dictionary shows this:

Full Definition of OPTICS

:  a science that deals with the genesis and propagation of light, the changes that it undergoes and produces, and other phenomena closely associated with it.

There are a ton of other definitions about the eye but trying to Readers Digest them all together an optic device is something that bends light. Normally it does this in a fashion to either make things look bigger or closer. This means telescopic or microscopic. So the scope (telescope) on your rifle is indeed an optic. Your night vision device again is an optic. However the red dot sight on your pistol or even the one on your AR is a sight. It does not provide any magnification, nor does it project any light beyond itself. If you consider the windshield on your truck an optic then I can never convince you of this, but that is what a red dot sight is. It is a simple piece of glass used so that you can see through it and like a bug on your windshield they put a dot on it that can be seen easy and moved so that you can zero it to your guns point of impact at different ranges.

So is this little bit of information important? That depends. Do you care if people say clip when they mean magazine? Is it important to distinguish between automatic and semi-automatic? I am not expecting all the competitive shooting organizations to change how they do things this season, but maybe if those of us that do care start using and explaining the correct terminology today, then ten years from now a better informed rules committee somewhere out there wont tie the hands of a guy that doesn’t have twenty year old eyes. Feel free to weigh in on this or anything else at or on Facebook at

Do You Really Need To Reinvent The Wheel?


So when I take on something new, I spend a good bit of effort, and research on trying not to reinvent the wheel. For instance I cannot tell you the best place for you to put your hands on a steering wheel when you drive. It is not possible to disprove whatever arguments you are going to come up with to justify your placement. However I can tell you where 99.9% of all professional drivers put theirs. In fact where 99.9% of all people when they think the driving is going to be serious use the same spots. So instead of trying to invent something new and work through all the reasons that this new thing is better I (not always, but mostly) tend to go with what is overwhelmingly accepted.

With that in mind I want to talk about where you place your gun when you carry, in the waistband. The crowd I really like and follow for the most part is Suarez International, headed up by Gabe Suarez. The guy is awesome. However that whole crowd has gone with what is referred to as appendix carry. Now again I cannot tell anyone where the best place to carry is. It is all an opinion and anyone can defend their choice with arguments that can’t be broken. I would like to point a few things out though, just in case you’re thinking about where you really want to carry.

While negative things can be pointed out about any placement I want to point out a few about appendix carry. First it is the only placement, let me point this out again, the only placement where a negligent discharge is likely to be fatal or make you wish it had been. Here is a recent story about a man in Milwaukee County. . Sadly drawing and reholstering is a very common place for a negligent discharge to occur. I hope you train hard and never have one. There are a lot of people that train very hard, and it still happens to them. If I ever have one I pray to god that it does not hurt anyone. Even me. If you don’t train hard then what are your odds? How many things have you done in your life, and never made a single mistake? Next I will tell you as a martial artist, if I have to fight you, in contact range, and you are going to try and draw your gun on me then the place that I want you to have it more than anywhere else is in front of your body. If it is, then I can foul your draw by basically touching your arm anywhere from your bicep down. Your arm is accessible to me, and by pinning it to your body, I can keep you from drawing.

Yes I understand there are positives to this carry. Easier to draw from a sitting position, although I question the comfort of sitting for long periods with your gun there. Easier to draw when you are on your back in a fight, again if you are on your back in a fight then I think it may be pretty easy to foul that draw. In any case if this is your carry method of choice I understand you can defend it, but for me just the two negatives I have pointed out are enough to make me say that the risk is not worth the reward here.

obstaclesSo where is the perfect carry placement in my opinion? Well it didn’t take a ton of research to find that 99% spot. People have been carrying pistols a long time and the overwhelming majority except in the CCL crowd have always and still carry at 3 o’clock. Think about this a second. You want to know where the best place to put your hands on the wheel is. Ask a race driver. You want to know the best place to put your gun. Ask a professional. Where do cops carry? Where do all professional competitors carry? Actually it is those guys. The ones that are trying to shoot the most accurate the fastest that should really tell you something. They are looking for every advantage, and they all carry on their hip.

So with that in mind, carry on. I hope that this little article helps in some way. Even if it does not affect the way you carry maybe in some other place you will catch yourself and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

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What Is Limiting You?

HowToHoldAre you limited by your natural ability and training, or are you being limited by your equipment? This article is not meant to give you answers, but rather to stimulate your thinking as you move forward.

Recently I have had a couple of incidents that have got me to thinking. I had a student that while she did not come from nothing, she did not have a lot of gun experience. She decided that she needed to get serious so she trained a bit with the gun she had owned for years. After a little work she got a gun that was a bit of an upgrade. This student has been very serious and done really well. Just before our last session she mentioned that she was really wanting an even better gun. Later at the range she was not happy with her performance. Now she has a rather small single stack 9mm and we were doing some new things. Granted her groups were not all in the X ring but they were all viable defensive hits. I was pointing this out to her and trying to be generally encouraging but she was still a little frustrated. In an effort to convince her that with that weapon what she was doing was great I put my personal carry gun in her hands. I carry a German made Sig 228 with a SRT Trigger that has been worked on a little by a very good smith (Robert Burke). The slide has been switched to a 229 Elite that was milled so that I could mount a red dot that cowitnesses with iron suppressor sights. Instantly her groups went to half the size they had been the entire session. She immediately turned and asked me “How much does this gun cost?”

TargetsShe is a perfect example of being limited by her equipment. Now nothing really earth shattering or thought provoking in that part but stay with me for a second. She had already said she was indeed in the market for a new gun. Her question was serious. However when I told her the price you could see her face fall a bit and she said oh no that is too much. She indicated that she wanted something maybe $400 less. Here is what I relayed to her and what I really want everyone thinking about. I had just shown her how the equipment she had was limiting her compared to one option that she actually loved. Why would you spend your hard earned money on the next gun that is going to limit you? She has a perfectly functional gun. She felt like she could save the money for “her” next upgrade in a couple of months. My recommendation was to wait four months and buy the gun she really wanted.

Almost every gun person I know has a dream gun or two. If I stay in contact with them long enough they almost always end up owning that dream gun. Sadly most of them have spent three or four times what that gun cost on any number of other guns they bought because “they couldn’t afford” that dream gun. Sure there are reasons to buy different guns, but look at what you are doing with it. If you are competing how many matches do you want to lose to the guy that is shooting the gun you want? If your gun is for self-defense how much is your life or the life of the ones you love worth?

As a final thought a long time gun friend of mine said something just in passing that actually got me to write this. He had just ordered a very expensive 22 revolver from me. We had talked about the price and he said “I know, but I am through buying the gun that I almost want.”

Hydra RifleBuy the best equipment for the job and be amazed at how much better you are at that job.

Why Don’t The Police Aim For The Leg?

Good Kyle

Why Don’t Police Aim For The Legs?

The answer, of course is that this is not the fastest, most effective way to stop the threat.

So why am I about to tell you that this exact thing should be part of your training?

That answer takes a little more thought.

 When I started carrying my main concern and my focus on training was the common street punk. A lone mugger or a crazed ex out to punish the world for his failed relationship. I trained like most for fast accurate shots center mass to stop the threat. If the threat did not stop quickly then most of us trained for a head shot. The “two to the chest, one to the head” is a very old drill. This is still a main stay in my training. However as I have talked about in several articles, the world has changed. I now carry, and train, not only for that situation, but for things more dangerous. I think if you are carrying today you must realize that common street punks now work in groups. Crazed ex’s now actually try for suicide by cop, and terrorist are a real possibility at our local mall. The kicker is, there is a very real possibility that any of these people may be wearing very effective body armor.

 Yes body armor changes everything. Well that is why I train for that “one to the head” you say. Well I will just tell you that paper heads are easy targets. Yes against a single street punk with a Glock and a vest that is still the option I would go for. What if it is three street punks with vest? What if you are in that mall and hear the gunfire. Yes I know that I am not a cop and I have no “duty” to act. I am a human though. I am a husband, and I feel a “moral” obligation to help. I am also not Jason Bourne, and I am not a fool. I am not excited taking my Sig 9mm into a fight with three or four fanatics with AK47’s. I want the best chances I can make for myself. I am going to sneak, hide, use cover, ambush, whatever gives me the slightest edge.

 This is where leg shots come into play. Think it through. Yes a head shot in most instances is an ultimate end to the threat but in a fight where you are at a definite disadvantage a head shot could be very difficult. It is the smallest target on the body. Legs are pretty much the same size as the core of the body. Yes the legs might be slightly harder to hit because they are moving and there are some gaps but honestly the head may move more, and faster, than the legs in a dynamic situation.

 So let’s look at the positives of leg shots. First about the same area to hit as the body. Legs also can be lethal shots. The first person I ever saw die from a gunshot was shot in the leg with a 38 and made it to the hospital still conscious but did not survive. Leg wounds hurt. Unlike the movies every person I ever went on a call for with a leg wound was within five feet of where they were shot. If I shoot any of the above bad guys in the knee I may not have ended the threat but I have most likely isolated it to that spot.


Three street punks. I put two in one vest one in another and take out the legs of one as I duck between a row of cars. One is out of the fight if I keep moving and the other two have to decide if they are going to help him or come after me.

 Active shooter in the mall. I put one or two in the back of his leg from behind a corner. Now the mall can clear without him being able to chase anyone’s wife or kids and I can leave him for the cops to deal with. If he is there as part of a group, now they have to decide if they help him or continue their attack.

 I hope this shows that while not always an ultimate end to a situation there are times that leg shots should be your go to target and therefore included in your “what if” mental gymnastics and your training if possible. The time to work this out is now not when you are in the situation.


Lethal Lace Holster System Review

lethal lace pic

Day one: Received the Lethal Lace holster to ‘give it a try’ (Thanks to Troy at  Amason Advanced Firearms and Training (  I know there are videos out there to instruct how to wrap it on, but how hard can it be?  I mean really.  So, casual day with family I put on the holster with my Kahr CW9.  I tried several times to position it in an appendix carry but was having a little problem with that so I slid it to side carry.  Wrapping three yards of stretchy lace by yourself is a little tricky but doable.  Pulled on my usual jeans and t-shirt and off I went.  I did get a few little stabs during the day depending on my bending motions but spent a good part of the day driving and the weapon itself was quite comfortable.  I will say however, the lacy band did tend to bunch up in my waistline opposite the weapon.  OK, no big deal but it did make for a slightly less comfortable ‘ride’.  But we all know carrying does not mean it has to be comfortable.  By the evening when I removed it I was feeling it was ok, but not great.  I mean really, I have such high hopes to find that perfect holster.  Don’t we all?

Day two:  I broke down and watched the videos.  I watched several videos on how to wrap the Lethal Lace. Discovered I did it all wrong on day one, go figure.

Day three: Just a day around the house, not intending to go out so am staying super comfy in my yoga pants.  I decide it’s a good day to try again, now that I know the RIGHT way to wrap and at the same time let’s just see how well it can be concealed in yoga pants.  Wrapping is still a bit of a challenge but I’m getting better.  As stated earlier I truly prefer appendix carry.  I feel I can get to my weapon faster and in a more natural movement for me.  I know everyone is different though so bear with me.  This time I wrapped in the correct direction.  I have discovered so far that if you wrap it up around waist level (and ladies if you have a decent waistline at all) the fabric really bunches and wads in around your waist.  Now this in not to say it is terribly uncomfortable because the material in super soft, I’m just saying it does this.  Once I discovered this, I decided to go lower.  I started over to get a good tight wrap and went down more toward my hips but with the weapon still positioned in front of my hip bone.  It still rides up and bunches somewhat at the waistline.

Shifted it to my calf to see how that works.  It is very secure.  However, with the Kahr it is obvious that I am carrying.  Not concealed from anyone with the gift of sight.

Day four:  Headed back out an about town today so going with the jeans and loose shirt today.  I’m getting better at the wrap!  Woo Hoo!  Didn’t take me near as long today and the weapon is very secure in a low appendix position.

Pardon the pun, but here is my wrap up on the Lethal Lace holster. It is a good sound choice for a holster. It does keep the weapon secure and for shorter periods of time it is comfortable.  Let me be clear though if you have a curve it does migrate and bunch and after a few hours I felt like I had to keep adjusting it.  It wasn’t uncomfortable but it felt ‘out of place’.  My suggestion and where I would definitely turn to this method of carrying would be on short term, special occasions. Gotta put on a dress or a nice business suit, grab Lethal Lace.  You can snug it up nice and tight and not worry about printing for a few hours. If you foresee this situation, buy Lethal Lace early and allow yourself time to practice the wrap. I do like Lethal Lace and will recommend it to friends. Personally though, it will not become my full time, everyday method of carrying.  My quest continues.

You Are Not The Police! Oh Really?


“You are not the police.” This is a sentence I have heard many times in gun classes and in pretty much every conceal carry class I have ever been in or audited. Interestingly enough it is also one of the few sentences that gun instructors and anti-gun liberals have in common. Well what I am about to say next is going to have many of those instructors pulling their hair out or maybe wanting to set mine on fire. Much of the time YOU are the police or at least you should be.

I have seen this discussion for many years but it seems to really be resurfacing now with all that is going on in the world, and I want to try and give a reasonable but minority view.

The idea that it is the police’s job to protect each and every one of you is fantasy. Law enforcement is one of our most basic needs in society but there is no possible way that they can serve as personal body guard for each and every individual. Yes they are there to protect us in the general sense. They are there to stop and deter localized crime. They investigate and arrest crime doers so that they don’t keep doing, but this protection is mostly a broad general term. Very necessary, but not likely to help you in the spur of the moment.

When you are faced with imminent danger you are your police. No matter what tool you use to resolve the situation it is very unlikely that the police can arrive in time to help. This means you will be required to make the right interpretation, and react in a reasonable manner, just like the police. Don’t think you will be held to the same standard by a jury? Well good luck with that. Train and play the “What If” game extensively.

Those people that live in the “you are not the police” world don’t take responsibility for their selves. They hope that nothing happens. They hope a policeman will be there, and they rely on luck to get them through. If you are reading this then you are probably not one of those people. Most likely you have gone to class and are armed. If not then I hope you reconsider, get trained, and get armed. If you are though then you really need to think about this. I have seen so many concealed carry individuals that are taught and believe that that gun is strictly to protect them. No matter what is going on around them they only use their gun in defense of their life. Really? No I am not advocating that you go out on patrol. You are not looking for trouble and in fact you ARE actively avoiding trouble in every way possible. Be smart. Don’t frequent places where trouble is a frequent occurrence, but this does not mean you have to abandon your common decency to your fellow man. If something happens and you are the one that is there, are you really only concerned for yourself? Most people extend that to “my loved ones”. So if you see a punk holding a gun on the clerk at the gas station too bad for her? What if I was the conceal carry guy and the clerk was your wife or daughter? Are you ok with me leaving her on her on because I am not the police?

That guy

Recently a conceal carry holder saw a man beating a woman inside a car on the street. The conceal carry holder drew his weapon and stopped the beating. He ordered the man out of the car and held him until police arrived and arrested the abuser. So was this risky for the conceal carry holder. Oh my god yes! There are a ton of scenarios where this goes horribly wrong. He could have ended up in jail, injured or dead. The sad truth is life is risky. Any of us could end up injured, dead or even in jail at almost any moment. The fact is he did the right thing in a moral sense. Were there risks? Yes so he did everything he could think of to manage those risk but again what if that were your daughter in that car?

There are suddenly shots in the theater I am in. I can see a man framed in the exit firing a weapon, I have a great angle and a clear shot, but I am not the police so I duck and escape out the other exit. I go home safe and sound to my wife. A huge success by many instructors’ standards. I did the exact thing they teach. On the news I discover that he fired till he ran out, reloaded and fired some more. Seventeen people died. I personally don’t think I could live with myself. I wonder if my original conceal carry instructor would be pleased with me if one of those seventeen was a family member of his?

In the end I am not telling you what you should do. This is always going to be a situational, and VERY personal choice. Don’t just sacrifice yourself. Don’t exceed your training and ability. I expect myself to do the right thing, and help anyone I think I can, so I TRAIN as much and as hard as I can. I personally just hope that everyone considers doing what you know is right regardless of the cost and I hope that you support anyone else that tries to do the same. As always feel free to comment, and check out my facebook and website.

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

CriminalsSo why is there such a huge divide in the people that think that cops are riding around looking for people to kill, and the cops themselves? This can be simplified pretty quickly. First you must eliminate all the fringe. The anti-whatever as well as the truly bad cops that are in fact on a power trip. I honestly believe that both are in the minority.

After that it really comes down to the fact that those people feeling oppressed are dreamers. I am not condoning nor condemning them rather just trying to describe them. They are the people that think everyone should just get what they need. If you need healthcare then someone should give it to you. If you need a job then you should get it. When you need more money then you should get a raise. They think from an emotional place where things just happen.

The police on the other hand are realist. Like firemen, soldiers, and doctors, they think in terms of their experiences. So if 90% of all the calls they go on, the bad guy is black, then they start watching out for black people. No it does not make them think that every black person is a bad guy but yes their radar is up. This goes for any experience they gain. If most bad guys wear hoodies then they watch out for guys in hoodies. As simple as that. The more they see it, the more they believe it.

That creates the catch 22. The dreamers think that the realist should just stop that, or they will punish them for it. They riot, or attack them with violence. The realist just see this as more proof of the dreamers’ violent anti-social ways and they gear up to deal with it, and protect themselves. You are never going to convince a realist that you are a good person deserving of respect by trying to kill him or applauding as others do.

So how does this affect those of us that I am really talking to here, my customers and potential customers? Well most of us are realist as well. We might feel that we are immune to a lot of these troubles since we relate to the police and generally agree with them. Sadly this might not be true. We need to realize just what a heightened state of alert everyone might be in. The dreamers of course are looking for an excuse to teach us a lesson, but even the police are amped up as they feel under siege. They don’t know that you are on their side. At this time with the administrations and attitudes they are forted up and everyone, from all sides, is a potential enemy. As rational reasonable people we need to recognize that this is just the reality. That cop, that a year ago might not have batted an eye could now go into adrenalin dump over the slightest thing. Is it right? Maybe not, but we need to realize it is the reality. As an adult we need to be more considerate and careful than normal to avoid pushing these situations.

Good KyleJust think it through. You are stopped by the police in Texas for no inspection sticker. Your car has Michigan plates and needs no sticker so the cop is wrong. For whatever reason he grabs your arm to cuff you. Well again he is wrong and has no reason to act like that. Now here is the thinking part, you can resist him grabbing you and the fight will be on. How are you going to win that fight? You going to shoot him? The end result here is you will be beat up, tazzed, and maybe killed, by this officer or some of his back up. Even though he was completely wrong at the start. Option two, you let him turn you around and cuff you. You comply with his instructions and talk to whomever you are given the chance to talk to. Most likely a Sargent is going to show up on the scene and start asking what is up. So his car wasn’t in violation? He didn’t actually do anything? Sir we are sorry for the inconvenience and you are on your way. You can now decide if you want to pursue a complaint or just move on with your life. The point is while you may not be happy you are not beat, tazzed, or dead, and making sure of that is what my job is.


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Black Lives Matter


The question is who do they matter too? It is not the race baiters out there screaming for blood in the streets. Much of that blood would be young black people. It is not even the black community it would seem as they make no logical move to correct it. You cannot correct police brutality by stealing a television or murdering a random white person. If the people you think care are those protestors then your cause is lost. They don’t even know what they are protesting. They are protesting the police? The police did not fail to indict either of the officers in the two cases people are protesting. Grand juries did. Who are grand juries? We are! That’s right they are protesting themselves. So first any of them that have ever gotten out of jury duty should punch themselves in the face, go home, and shut up. What’s more they elected the DA’s in each of those cases. Again protesting their own votes and if they didn’t vote then, punch to the face, go home, and shut up.

Life is not that hard. If you want to improve the situation with the police it is fairly simple. First stop robbing, raping, and killing. Those things put you at odds with most of society. If you are not doing those things then great. Now stop putting up with them from your neighbor. If he is a robber, rapist, or killer then turn him in and support the people that are coming after him. Next stop blaming everyone else. Vote for people that you have researched and know will work for the things you want. Don’t vote for a person just because he looks like you. Get off your butt and do some research. Don’t avoid responsibility. If you get called for jury duty then serve. Quit crying because the police force does not reflect your community. If it doesn’t then it is because your community is to lazy or too busy robbing, raping, and killing to become police officers. You know how you get on the police force? You go to school, don’t commit crimes, don’t take illegal drugs, and then you put an application in. Raise your kids so they qualify and then encourage them to do good things with their lives and in their communities. There is no reason that cities should have to beg for minorities to join the police force. It is right there for them. If they want a representative force then apply.

cardefenceFor those of us on the sideline watching in wonder, be careful. The mob that killed the man with hammers has no idea what his beliefs are. He may well have been looking for a parking spot so he could join their protest. His beliefs and ideas made no difference to that pack. They killed him for the way he looked. You may feel that you are “one of them” because you agree with how they feel and you understand. Like the last American that was beheaded, it will make no difference. He was there to help the very people that killed him. He had time to explain to them that he cared about them and their plight. Be very aware of what is going on around you. Trust your instincts and more importantly act on them. If you think something looks funny at that gas station, parking lot, or store, then don’t stop there. If you see a large crowd and you don’t know what is going on or why it is there then turn away. Don’t stop your vehicle, and for god’s sake don’t get out if you are stopped. If you have no way around and are stopped by a crowd then stop as soon as possible and don’t threaten them. Stay in the car and let them move away. If they don’t move away and come after you then start moving slowly. At this point you are committed, continue to move forward increasing your speed slowly and blasting your horn. Those that are not completely feral will have the chance to move out of your way. You are shooting for a speed of about 20mph. This is fast enough to out run the mob but slow enough so that you don’t look like you are just trying to mow them down. This slower speed will also help you see obstacles that are obscured by the pack. Carry your gun all the time no matter where you are going but don’t leave a car to try and use a gun, the car is the more effective weapon. The gun is for any that might breach the car by smashing a window and trying to come in, or to get to your car. All that said remember the first part. Don’t go stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things. Stay safe in these confusing times.

Republicans won so the republic is saved!!! Right????

OnthegroundRepublicans won so the republic is saved!!! Right????

No I am not going to go all political on you except to work it back to what is important to the firearms community. Here are my predictions and I hope I am wrong. I don’t think much is going to change. I don’t think we will secure our borders in any meaningful way. I don’t think the 20 million illegal aliens in this country now, have much to worry about. I don’t think we will make a real dent in radical Islam. I don’t think our mentally ill will suddenly get all the help they need, nor do I believe that the fringe anti-government types will get what they need to feel all warm and cozy.

In short I look for the lone wolf type attacks to continue. The anti-government types will continue to see a real enemy in the state, and will be emboldened by each attack that goes before them. They will see it as evidence that the time has come. The Islamist will also continue to attack and be encouraged by each success. Their attacks will continue to be under reported and played down by our media. Now for my grand prediction. Within a year we will have a larger scale wolf pack style attack like the mall in Mumbai, only it will happen right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

So how does that effect you and me as average Joes? Well we need to sit down and have a real serious talk with ourselves. When I started carrying I considered my worst case scenario to be a strung out punk with a poorly maintained 25 or 32. Now I think you need to look at the fact that there is a huge group of feral humans out there. Regardless of the pack they run with, that is what they are. Feral humans have lost any regard for any other person in this world. Instead of the punk that just wants your money and no real trouble, you are now just as likely to be facing 5 guys in a movie or mall that don’t care about your money and only want to make a statement with your life. Instead of a 32 they may be carrying an ARs or AK 47s.

How do we handle this new world and this new breed? Again sit down and have that serious talk. Think about what I have said here and decide if you think I have fallen off the paranoid gun nut tree on my head, or if you see the possibility of what I have said here being real. If you agree that things are not looking good for us domestic types then consider these things.

First, CARRY YOUR GUN ALL THE TIME! Yes back in the day I picked and chose where I carried. If there didn’t seem to be a reason to carry then I didn’t because it was too much trouble. Today though there is no time that you can be sure you are safe. I doubt seriously that the woman in Oklahoma thought she was in any real danger while she was at work that day. I feel quite sure that those four police officers felt pretty secure as they stood there together for that picture. You just don’t know. Carry your gun.

Second, think again about the gun you are carrying. Yes carry the size that you will carry 100% of the time but, while that Ruger LCP might be a solution for the punk with the 32, how are you going to feel when you hear several ARs ring out at the Walmart? I want a duty size gun with as much ammo as I can get and my red dot site is not making me feel bad either.

Next let’s talk about that ammo. Long ago I fell into the old “if I can’t solve it in 15 then I am in trouble” crowd, but in today’s reality magazines are actually pretty easy to carry. If you are worried that you might be outnumbered or outgunned then the more ammo you have the better you will feel. I can carry three spare mags pretty easy.

Now you are armed think about your skill. Just having the gun was pretty effective against that lone punk, but now? Have you ever thought about how to handle multiple advisories? Have you ever tried to make an accurate shot at 30 or 50 yards? Do you know how to use cover? Know the difference between cover and concealment? If you think you are lacking or even rusty in any area, then get some training. Yes train, but train with someone else. They will give you ideas that you would never come up with on your own. While we are talking about training I want to emphasize something. Every professional training class you have ever taken gives you some kind of “check your six” mention. Sadly it usually isn’t much more than that but at this point YOU must get serious about everything that is going on around you 360*. The poor guy that was going to do the right thing in the Walmart and was shot by the bad guy’s wife just got caught in the “candle moth” syndrome. He was totally focused on his intended target and never realized there was more than one.

Finally, decide now. Are you just getting the heck out of there or are you standing up to this evil? I am not going to tell you that there is a right answer here. For me it depends on many factors. Who is waiting for you at home? Who is with you when it happens? When and where are you? What is your level of training? You are not the police. You have no duty to act. For me though if I was at the mall I am not sure I could just “get out”. If my wife was in that mall alone and a conceal carry guy could have helped her, then I would be forever thankful. With that in mind I don’t think I could just leave all those other wives and kids in there without even trying to help. There is no easy call so have that talk with yourself now.



If we really wanted to save children


If we really wanted to save the children.

I briefly touched on this a short time back but I wanted to go a bit more in depth. Gun control advocates keep talking about “common sense” rules and regulations, suggesting that if you are not for gun control you have none. They say that we must have these rules if we want to save the children. Again suggesting that if we are not for gun control we don’t care about children. So let’s take a common sense look at this topic.

As multiple victim shootings and specifically school shootings have occurred our response has been “gun free zones”. We have limited magazine capacity, and forced registration of assault weapons. All to no effect. Each time that some psycho has decided to go on a rampage he has to some degree accomplished his objective. None of these measures have gotten the desired results, if saving lives is actually the goal.

Why not? Well common sense says that murdering people is already illegal so a sign telling a criminal not to do something is not a logical deterrent. Required registration again only effects people that are willing to follow the law. Magazine capacity limits? Remember we are looking for common sense practical things that everyone can see would work. So limiting how fast the bad guy can shoot should work right? Well here is the sad fact. In Newtown, one of the worst school shootings the rate of fire was an average of 24 rounds per minute. Most people can actually shoot and reload a revolver at that rate. The rate at all of these multiple victim shootings is such that reloading is not an issue. Let’s face it, if I walk into a classroom of 6 year olds and lock the door behind me I can kill every child in that class, before police arrive, and I can do it with a hammer. Gun control is not about saving children. It is about gun control.

So what is a “common sense” solution? Well let’s look at another situation that arose where we did put measures in place that up until now have worked. On 9/11 terrorist using box cutters took over airlines and used them to kill over 3000 people. What did we do in that case? We immediately increased the number of air marshals on board flights and yes we profiled and added those marshals to flights that were more likely to be targeted. So more guys with guns. Next we beefed up screening. Try to keep the bad guys off the planes. Then we hardened the cockpit doors so if they got past the screen and there were no marshals on board they still could not easily get to the pilots. Finally we developed a program to arm the pilots. Again the last and most sure defense was more guys with guns. These were the “common sense” things we did to protect our citizens and our children from people with no regard for their lives. Guess what? It has worked.

Now, since we are using common sense, and we have a model that works, how do we apply it to our children? Pretty simple really. First Armed security. It can be private, police, open, or under cover, but like anyone you want to protect you give them security. Has Obama, one of the most anti-gun presidents in history, got more armed security or less? Next beef up screening. No you don’t have to have the TSA at the door or even any kind of detection but only allow entrance through monitored doors. Then harden classroom doors. It is not that hard to make sure that a lock down really would make it hard for a bad guy to get into individual classes. Finally develop programs so that any teacher that wanted to could carry a concealed weapon. Not all of them will, but not knowing if they are or are not will actually act as a deterrent.

If you want to push gun control then that is your right. However call it what it is. Don’t pretend you are doing it to save children. If you want to save children then use a proven model that has already worked. That is common sense.


Tiger Valley_130601_2497Instructor/Ambassador

Normally my articles are aimed toward the civilian conceal carry crowd. Just this one time I am going to redirect that aim back towards my fellow instructors. This is just a quick read to give you some thought so hopefully it will be received in the same spirit it is sent.

On the topic I am speaking about today, instructors fall into three basic categories: 1) They own their range 2) They work for a range 3) They must rent/lease time at a range. I am really only talking to group three.

I titled this Instructor/Ambassador. Now I know that everyone realizes we are all ambassadors to our customers and the public, but how many of you are good ambassadors to the ranges you are teaching at? If all you are doing is paying a 10% class fee when you happen to need the range I am going to suggest you’re not really that good. It might work, and you might never have any problems with them, but remember that they are in business too, and your business, and that of the next instructor that has to talk with them, kinda depends on them.

So with that in mind try to think about ways to add value to their business. Have you friended them on FB? That way you can promote their business and their events. Make arrangements to split the profits for classes that they promote and set up. That gives them a way to really increase their profit and they don’t mind so much when they make less on a class that you set up. Have you ever volunteered to donate your time at one of their events, giving tips and advice to their customers? Yes it is a whole day where you are getting paid nothing but think of the good will. That range gets to advertise that they have brought in a top notch instructor. People are impressed with the range, you draw in your students so the range gets new members, and maybe you do pick up a few students for future classes (which makes them more money).

Now if you have already thought of all of this, and you in fact are doing it, then thank you. You are indeed a good ambassador, and you are helping everyone including your fellow instructors that follow you to the doors of that range. If you are not, just think about it. Finally if you are doing all that and the range management still looks at you like you are trying to steal their lucky charms each time you talk to them, then it might be time to just move on. Some managers are never going to see the value in you or the students you bring to them. If that is the case then they can actually hurt your reputation.

Feel free to let me know any other ways that you add value to the range where you teach.TargetPractice

Product Review

Just got this review from a student that has been looking for a new holster. If you have been avoiding “on body” carry due to comfort issues. I recommend you spend some time looking around. There are a number of options. Hopefully one will work for you. If you have an idea or something that you like or don’t like leave a comment or send me a review and I may put it up. We can all use all the help we can get.

N82Tactical Original Holster review

The first gun I ever carried with any regularity just sort of ‘came to me’, much like the holster I have used for better than two years now. It is an in the waistband holster that happened to fit the barrel of my Bersa 380.  The holster did not have a back on it (up above the grip) but as that was the only holster I had ever used I did not find this objectionable and frankly kept wondering what all the fuss was about when the subject came up in conversation.

Time passed and I now have a new .9mm, hence I needed a new holster. After several months of internet research I was pointed to the N82Tactical website. I ordered the Original holster. I was expecting it to take a few weeks to arrive, I was wrong.  I received the holster in just over one week and have been wearing/using it for almost four weeks now. The soft suede backing is super soft and does not stick to your body when you get hot and sweaty.  This is a major plus.  I have to say not having the grip poke in to me is definitely a plus as well.  It is amazing how you never know something is ‘wrong’ until you feel the difference.  This is a very sturdy, well-made holster that looks like it will last for years.  The elastic binding that fits snugly over the barrel is just right for keeping the gun in place no matter what position I am in.  I can safely stoop, squat, bend and lean in all directions and my weapon is secured in the holster.  I also like the fact that it is not so heavy that it is constantly pulling my pants down.  Don’t get me wrong, it has some weight to it, but it seems more balanced and somehow distributes the weight in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling like there is a constant tug. I have to practice and learn how to draw from this holster as it is different, but the weapon does come out smoothly.

So overall, I give this holster high marks. The order process was easy, delivery was prompt, and the product is of high quality. I’m sure I will be buying and testing other holsters but for the basic in the waistband holster the N82Tactical Original holster is definitely a keeper.

Is it time to realign your thinking?

T-shirts 001 008Is it time to realign your thinking?

I am a pretty thoughtful person. No I don’t mean I am particularly nice, I mean that I tend to think about the things I believe. I don’t just say I am for or against anything. I think it through and base my choice on what I consider to be logical and rational arguments. Now I have no illusions here. Sometimes despite my careful consideration I make the totally wrong choice. It has happened plenty and I just accept it, switch sides, and move on. In fact at this point I am fairly often going over things that I thought I had long ago dissected beyond any further analysis and concluded I would never change.

Years ago I decided that 1000 rounds of 9mm ammo was plenty to keep on hand. More than I would ever shoot in a day, and it was cheap, and easy to buy if you needed more. Besides if something stupid every happened, say SWAT kicked in the wrong door and searched my house. I did not want to be the loon that the news reported had 5000 rounds of ammo. That sounded crazy. Then Obama, and Sandyhook happened. I missed a class last year because it called for a 1200 rounds minimum and I neither had nor could I get it. Time to realign. I now and forever more will have plenty of ammo.

When I started carrying (a long long time ago) I carried a Berretta 92, and I was one of the “If I can’t solve a problem with 16 rounds then I am in trouble,” crowd. That seemed totally reasonable to me, and I was very conscious of the fact that some people did not like guns and I did not want to be one of those over the top crazies they were worried about. I had my logical reasonable arguments and I could defend them. It took years, and lots of good instructors, and tons of training, to finally make me understand that this was a poor choice. Guns are machines and like all machines they fail. The magazine is a fairly common failure point and what’s more it is a very easy fix. All cars have a spare tire for this exact reason. It is a common failure point and it is easy to fix with a spare. So I started carrying a spare magazine. An extra 15 rounds was just a bonus. Whatever.

A few months ago ISIS reared its head. Yes terrorism has been around for a time, but it does seem to be advancing in its sophistication. In any case it was enough to cause me to check my alignment. Again I have always resisted anything that seemed over the top to me. I like moderation, and I came from that “solve it with 16 rounds” mindset. However looking at the things that are happening and, if not likely are quite possible, I decided that it was time for me to change again. I now carry three spare magazines. Videos of motorcycle gangs with thirty or forty members bashing in a families car window. A hundred teens running through a parking lot and beating people to unconsciousness, or five terrorist, domestic or foreign that converge on a mall. All of these are things that have happened, and could happen again. In any of those situations it would be pretty easy to realize that sixteen or even thirty rounds are not nearly enough. I may never need more than two rounds, but I bet if I was hunkered down in the mall where five or six guys with AK’s just walked in and started moving through shooting whatever moved I would be happy to have all I could get.

ProactiveI am not saying that my choices are what you should do. I am just saying that from time to time you might want to look at what you have always considered adequate. Maybe you do need a concealed handgun license? Maybe a weekend training class for the gun you just threw in your purse and have carried around for years but never shot would be a good idea. Finally, for those of us that do have training. Maybe we are in the greatest jeopardy. It is pretty easy to start thinking that what we think is totally informed and therefore correct. If you only consider your own arguments over and over you will always decide that you are right. Open yourself up to other arguments. Take other instructors classes. Don’t ever stop learning.