Dont Be Shy. Join Me In The Future.

There is a lot of talk these days about our everyday carry pistols, and what we should or should not do with them. Some time back the renowned Massad Ayoob advised that your carry gun should be purchased new from a dealer and never altered in any way. His reasoning was that anything you did to improve your gun would be used against you in court, should you ever be forced to fire that gun in self-defense. In other words, if I add a laser to my gun then I am making it more deadly so, the DA could say, obviously I am a crazed gun nut out looking for someone to kill. This sounds reasonable and in fact a DA could say that so there are a huge number of people that adhere to this “no alterations” policy like it is life.

Now full disclosure, my carry gun is so altered at this point if I happen to walk past Mas in a crowd he might actually have a seizure or stroke. That said here are my thoughts. First, while indeed a DA can use anything he wants to go after you, not once in any case where a handgun has been used has this actually been done by said DA. In all the years since this idea was put out there it has actually only been used once and that was against a police officer. He had not improved his weapon but had bought a dust cover for his rifle with the words “Your F ed” inscribed on it. I must agree with Mas that punisher symbols, F U, lightning bolt SS, or swastikas on your firearm could paint you in a bad light in a courtroom setting. However the fact is that despite the DAs use of this inflammatory statement, the officer was acquitted. Your first concern about how you are going to look in court should be to make sure that you truly only use that gun as a last resort to save a life! If you do that, then no matter what you have on your gun, it will be very hard to even charge you with a crime.

Next let’s talk about real alterations. I have taken an out of the box Sig P228. I replaced the slide with the slide from a P229 elite. I milled that slide and added a red dot site and then I added suppressor sights to co-witness. I installed a Sig factory short reset trigger and to that I added a flatter adjustable trigger. This did not alter the pull weight of the trigger but allows for adjustment of over travel. Why did I do all this?

Way back in that day I had a group of about six friends and we all road dirt bikes. I loved it and road hard but when we were on a track I was a pretty solid fourth or fifth place rider. I finally decided it was time for a new bike. As it happened Yamaha had spent the last several years working on a new swing arm mono shock system and this was the year that they finally got it perfected. I bought that bike. The very next time my friends and I were at the track, I was suddenly a second or even first place rider. Nothing else had changed. My friends and I still had the same skills. Plain and simple my new equipment allowed me to speed up in places that my friends had to slow down. If I let any one of them ride my bike they immediately moved to the front of the pack just like I had. That was a lesson I never forgot. All other things being equal technology and advanced equipment win.

Now what does that mean? Have I used technology to make my gun more deadly? Depends on your definition of “more deadly”. It still fires the same projectile at the same speed as before. What I have done is made it more likely that I can hit the target that I am aiming at. My claim here is that I have actually made my gun safer. I am less likely to fire a stray round hitting something or someone I did not intend to hit. My sight actually lets me see my target clearer and better and my trigger gives me far more control over my gun as I am less likely to jerk it off line.

As a practical point I carry a firearm precisely because it is the most effective tool at stopping an attacker. If I wanted to carry a less lethal tool then I could carry a Taser, pepper spray, or a number of other less lethal and far less effective tools. So the argument that I have made it more deadly is kind of moot. Did I mention that you should only use your firearm in a legitimate bid to save the life of others or yourself. Yes the DA can claim that I have made it a hair trigger, or added a death ray, but first did I actually use the gun as the only means to save lives and second, should it come to that, my lawyer gets to answer those foolish claims in a reasonable and logical manor.

What this comes down to is I want the best chance I have should I ever need to defend myself or others against a bad guy, crazy guy, or terrorist guy. Yes it is new and more gear. Should we not use smart phones because flip phones were easier? Should we still be riding horses because cars are dangerous? I know guys that drive new corvettes, and get a new IPhone every year but don’t want a red dot because something could go wrong with it. Yes something could go wrong with it just like your IPhone but the convenience makes it worth the risk. Just like that half of a second faster makes my red dot worth it. The fact that I am now focused on my target and not my front sight. The fact that I can now reach out to ranges that with iron sights were beyond me to engage that terrorist or active shooter all make it worth it.

I contend that altering your gun in a responsible manor opens you up to no more liability than simply carrying it in the first place.

If Red Dots On Pistols Are So Great Why Doesn’t Everyone Have One?

I have long advocated having a red dot optic mounted on your EDC fighting pistol. I have said that it makes you faster, more accurate, more capable, and that it is the future. So if I am right then why aren’t they in 90% of the holsters out there?

Of course there are as many reasons as there are gun owners. The truth is there are a lot of them out there and the numbers are growing quickly. When I started carrying a Sig 228 with a red dot six years ago I had to basically have it built. Mill the slide, add suppressor sights, and buy the optic. Today five major manufactures offer some form of optic ready pistol right out of the box. That would not be happening if there were not a market for it. There are, of course, the people that will never be interested. They still carry flip phones and if they shoot they want a real gun like a Smith & Wesson 38 police special. To them red dots are sci-fi mall ninja stuff. There are also plenty of people that just can’t see their way to the added expense.

I had a customer talking to me about getting the new Sig P320 RX and his brother asked him “Why do you want the red dot? It just gets hung up when you draw.” Of course when he was telling me this all I heard was “you’ll shoot your eye out kid”. So there are those people with reasons beyond reason that just aren’t on board.

Finally there is that group that are serious shooters. Guys that don’t care if it is not a ‘wheel’ gun and don’t think you are a sissy if you don’t carry a 1911. People that have the money or will come up with it if they really believe that something out there will make them better. So why aren’t all of them sporting this type of firearm?

I think the number one reason is they have not seen it done right. Imagine if your friend told you about this awesome shooting sport called skeet. He got you all excited and worked up. You go out to the field and he explains how the clays work and then hands you a 22 rifle. Sure some freak would love the challenge but most of us would figure out that this skeet thing is not much fun in about 10 minutes. The reason is not that skeet is not fun, the reason is you are doing it wrong. Glock should have had one of the biggest booms in years when they came out with their MOS. They should have had record sales. However I saw customer after customer pick up one of the guns in the store, with an optic added, and after canting the gun all over the place looking for the dot, shake their head and put it down dismissing the idea as a viable self-defense weapon.

I understand that there are no absolutes, and especially when it comes to firearms. However to date there is only one way to “do it right” with a red dot pistol if you want it to be a faster, more accurate, reliable fighting pistol. The pistol must have its iron sights, both front and rear, in their normal position and configuration on the pistol. The red dot must be mounted between them in such a manner as the dot co-witnesses the iron sights. This usually means milling the slide and using suppressor sights. So far no other method allows for the rapid acquisition of the dot to make the pistol a reliable fighting platform. You start acquiring your target picture just like you always have, lining up the iron sights, and the dot just appears before you have to finish that operation, allowing you to fire those fractions of seconds faster.

If you are a serious shooter and you work with the platform I describe, regardless of brand, with a reputable instructor, that has experience with red dots on handguns I think you will agree it is the future. Regardless of the shooters experience or skill I think I can make any shooter faster with a red dot than he is without it in less than an hour of instruction. That is from holster to hole in target.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.


Everybody take a deep breath. OOHHMMMMMMMMM.

My first article of 2017 was not brought on by the shooting at the Ft Lauderdale airport, as much as by a statement a friend made regarding said shooting. Now this friend is a great guy. He is smart, logical, reasonable, and is a strong supporter of our second amendment rights. In this instance I just think his statement gives us all a good point to think things through.

What he said, and I am paraphrasing, was “Airport security sucks, and that is why I don’t fly.”

While I am not sure I want to debate either of those statements in general, they were made in relation to the recent shooting, and I would like to address them based on that reference.

As is usual after one of these instances a ton of people come out to explain why this happened, whose fault it was, and what we must do to fix it. The short version of this is we need more security and of course we need more gun control. Security, basically means safe places. Gun free zones. Someone watching over the area to keep it safe. The gun control part is just winged based on the circumstances of the incident.

Also as usual me and my smart, logical, and reasonable friends come out and explain that Safe zones don’t work against criminals that are willing to break the law to the point of murder, and gun control only insures that no good guys will have a gun when the criminal attacks.

I think that because this incident happened at an airport that has security in place and is a touchy subject for us, a lot of reasonable people are speaking when they should be breathing. I get it. It is our nature as humans to always strive for better. To always fix any problem that presents itself. The trouble is everyone is trying to find a logical fix for a problem that has no logical basis. It will always defy absolute solutions. My friend pointed out that the TSA had failed many test and lots of weapons had gotten by them. Honestly that is not relevant. Even if the TSA was 100% perfect and no weapon was ever smuggled past them, any gunman could simply shoot his way right through them. Like any safe space it is only safe against people that already follow the rules. You can put security in the baggage area but that means the attack will occur in the ticketing area. If you attempt to secure the entire airport then it will happen at the huge lines at the entrance. The point is that any and all security can be breached. Banks are robbed. Army bases are attacked. Credit card info is stolen, and computers are hacked. If you build it, they will beat it. So before you start screaming for more, better, bigger security, take a breath and think. Will what I am calling for really stop a crazy or determined person from ever hurting anyone?

Next as to the “that’s why I don’t fly” part. If you don’t fly because airport security can be defeated then basically you should stay in your house and never come out. You will not be safe in restaurants because their security is a joke. For god sake don’t go into a store. This includes, food, clothes, stand alone, mall, etc. Our highways and byways, well if you are worried about security you could just sell your car because you will not be wanting to travel on those. Now before my pro-gun friends start yelling that some licensed carrier would draw and shoot the bad guy I am just going to say get real. Yes I am pro-gun and yes I think it is safer when good guys are carrying but in a crowded place almost anyone could pull and dump a magazine before anyone could reasonably react. How successful the bad guy was would just be a matter of luck and training.

The point I am making here is there simply may not be a need for any grand actions here. Take a breath and look things over. Sure if there is something that would really stop that crazy determined killer then let’s work it out. However new laws, or restrictions that really only effect the masses whom are not intent on murder should be avoided. I like to travel with my gun. I carry it to classes or hunting. I like being able to go to the airport to pick up friends and family without facing huge lines at the toll plaza and having to go home to disarm before going in. If we can do something to make TSA work better then great, but I am not really sure you can make it 100% and I am sure you can make things 100% more of a hassle. The TSA isn’t really there to stop all weapons. They are there to keep them off planes. With that in mind I think their choke point is in the perfect place. As always feel free to comment or discuss. I am going to ask that you consider remaining calm and carrying on. OOHHMMMMMMM.

Rosa Parks for Guns

NegativeMost of my articles come from things that happen or I see in my own life. This one comes from a statement that I made that cost me a friend. That person had described a black man. The man was a professional with a very important and impressive resume. His work indicated that he was very intelligent, highly educated, and had skills that not many could match. After this description my friend went on to say that this man was a strong supporter of the second amendment, owned a gun, and had his license to carry. He however had told her that he would never carry nor would he ever allow his son to carry because “if anything ever goes down I am a black man with a gun”.

Now the trouble started when I commented “that is the silliest thing I have ever heard… Well not the silliest but…” Yes I understand that when all you have to go by is what you are reading that sounds very cavalier. I mistakenly thought that based on previous history with the people present everyone would see I was attempting to be light but think on this subject and maybe it would start a useful conversation where I could expand on the point. Wow that is for sure not what happened. My friend immediately felt that I had grossly disrespected their friend and that it required them to defend him in the strongest measure. I tried to relay that this was a subject I had been thinking on for some time and actually I would not want to disrespect, but recruit this man. The damage however had been done and there was no explanation that I could find that would undo the impression. I really regret that, but life goes on and I know I have a number of minority readers that I can explain what I was trying to get to here. So here goes.

I am a huge supporter of the second amendment. Not just for me but for everyone. One of the best ways to gain support is to have the right people out there taking advantage of that amendment. This black man is a perfect example. He is the kind of guy that everyone who believes like me needs out there carrying his gun as is his right! This is all about perception. This man is not a thug out there doing thugie things. He is a professional. As I spoke to my friend I tried to explain that he would be dressed as a professional. (That did not help either) Now I don’t mean that he will always be wearing a suit and tie. What I mean is he won’t have his hoodie zipped up with the hood up when it is 80 outside. His pants won’t be hanging down where we can all see his underwear. He will be presentable even when he is dressed casually. What I saw here was exactly the right man. A man with the chance to help gun advocates as well as equal rights advocates, making a mistake that could cost a lot. Here is a man that everyone could look up to, freely giving up his right to his most effective self-defense tool. How great would it be to see a news story where this intelligent, well educated black man had saved himself or his family from an active shooter at the mall? How would you feel to know that he had saved your wife, husband, or child? He is giving up this chance on the idea that it is more likely he will be seen and killed solely due to his skin color.

If you just play the what if game here. Work through the scenarios. Yes if you are dressed like a thug it might be a bad idea to carry a gun. Skin color does not really matter. I absolutely notice and keep an eye on guys with hoodies all buttoned up in warm weather and it does not matter what color their skin is. I absolutely keep an eye on guys all tatted up. I absolutely keep an eye on groups of guys hanging out in off places. An appropriately dressed black man is not going to draw an undue amount of attention, and concealed is concealed so who is going to know? Now if something goes down!!! Well yes the police and I are going to be looking at the guy with the gun! Again skin color is not the important factor here. You have a gun and should act appropriately. Don’t act like or look like a bad guy. Don’t wave the gun around. Don’t shoot indiscriminately. Follow the orders of police. Is there a chance of an accident here? Sure there is. Same for any of us. Police or some other well meaning citizen could misread the situation but if you don’t have your gun and “something goes down” it is 100% sure that you do not have the best chance available to protect you or anyone else.

This man has every right to disagree with me on all of this, just as any of you do, but I want to address one more thing. He says that not only is he giving up his right, he is not going to let his son exercise this right. Now he has not only lost out, but he has taught his son that he is different. He is less than someone else. How do you think he is going to take that? As well meaning as it is. As loving and protective as it is intended. Will his son just smile and understand, or will this young man not like that idea? Will he feel alienated and angry? How angry will he be? Mad enough to act out? Mad enough to want to repay this slight that actually no one has ever done him? In my title I referenced Rosa Parks. She helped the equal rights movement maybe as much as anyone in history. I also have made a huge point about perception all through this article. Now I want you to imagine what if it had not been Rosa Parks? What if it would have been Michael Brown or Travon Martin on that bus that day? Does anyone really think that it would have turned out the same way? Anyone think that mister Brown would have moved equality forward the same amount as Rosa Parks? We all need as many Rosa Parks out there right now as we can get! That is where I wish my original conversation would have went.

Make a Dang Choice

I try to keep my articles gun related but as things are today race, politics, or religion, could be gun related in a matter of heart beats, so here you go. 

I like golf and my wife loves the beach, so when we vacation often we look for a place where both are available. Here’s the thing. When my wife comes to the golf course with me she does not bring her towel and beach umbrella and lay out in a sand trap. Similarly when I accompany her to the beach I don’t drop a basket of balls out and start flying them into the masses of swimmers and sun bathers.

Why not? This is America, a free country, right? My wife has a right to lay out anywhere she wants!!!!

While she can indeed technically argue that, a little common sense says, it just isn’t true. She can love the beach, but still come to the golf course. She doesn’t even have to golf. However she is expected to behave in a manner that allows all the golfers to do what they came there to do. Just like I can love golf and still go to the beach and swim or lay out on my towel and soak in the sun. So I make a choice. I am not a beach golfer and she is not a golf bather.

Now here come the exploding heads. You are not African American nor are you Mexican American. You cannot be. You are either American or you are African. You are either Mexican or you are American. You can be a Mexican living in America, or an African living in America but again you are not African American. If you want to be African then by all means go live in Africa. If you are African and want to be American then assimilate. Adopt our culture, our values, and celebrate our way of life. If you want to be African and live in America then know our laws and customs and politely allow us to follow them. In your home you can follow whatever culture you like, but this is The United States. It was formed based on Christen beliefs. We celebrate Christmas and Easter. You do not have to celebrate with us but just like my wife at the golf course you need to be polite and allow the people that do appreciate the country they live in to follow its customs and beliefs. IF they recite The Pledge OF Allegiance or pray in the morning at school, you do not have to pledge or pray, but stand quietly and let them. Your hair will not catch on fire even if you are a devout Satanist, and no they do not have to make time or space for your religious beliefs. If you have special needs for those things then that is on you. Feel free to home school. Again you are living in the United States of America.

I had a chief while I was on the force. His parents were actually Mexican. He was born and raised in the US. He still felt very close to his Mexican heritage and he wanted his children to know and respect it as well. Inside of his house they lived as they would have in Mexico. They spoke Spanish 100% of the time from the time his kids were born, but he said if they were talking as they left the house, when a kid’s foot hit the step just outside the door he switched to English. Outside of their home they were Americans.

I have a little more trouble understanding the African side of this. I mean I trace my roots back to Finland. I think. Honestly I don’t know any of my relatives that were anything other than American. I don’t know the Finish culture because it really has nothing to do with who I am or who anyone in my family has ever been. I have a number of black friends and to the best of my knowledge none of them know any of their relatives that were ever African. Now maybe those people that want to study a culture that they originated from, no matter how far removed, are better than me and I should be ashamed for my lack of interest, but I do question this. In any case I still say “Make a Choice”. The one choice you can’t make without causing pain to you and all around you is, you cannot be a beach golfer or a golf swimmer. If you choose to go against all those around you then you will always cause and be in trouble.


No One Needs An AR 15 (No One NEEDS A Car}

I have a friend on Facebook that regularly post a scripture and then talks about what it means to him, and how he hopes to use it. The other day he posted “Do unto others etc.” and he talked about how he intended to try to practice this by being more open and listening with an open heart and mind too others (Something I don’t think he always does, but I suspect he might say the same about me.) about the important things going on in our world like politics, and religion.

Now this man’s post got me to thinking. I have never changed an anti-gun persons mind in a debate, but I wonder how many anti-gun people are anti-gun just because they don’t really understand something simple, and would really like some information, without a debate, or a bunch of statistics that can always be slanted in the direction the poster wants. This article is an attempt to give some honest, common person info, in hopes that it can help someone that simply does not have the experience or knowledge on one very important question. Why does anyone need an AR?

I have heard several versions of this question and in its worst form it is used as a statement of factual accusation. “No one needs an AR 15 to hunt a deer! They are killing machines designed to murder people.” If you are using that statement simply because it supports your gun control agenda then this article won’t help you, but if you are interested in why some people do think they need an AR read on.

I grew up hunting, and now I am an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer. My first ever rifle was a Marlin 22.


This rifle is for small game like squirrels. It holds 15 rounds that you feed into the bottom tube.

I later moved to a Ruger 10/22.


I changed to this rifle for one reason. It was fed by a detachable magazine that would hold 20 or 30 rounds like a modern AR. Now at the time I had never even heard of an AR, but the magazine had several advantages. When shooting at a range you often pay by the hour. With the tube fed gun I could shoot my 15 rounds in ten seconds give or take. Then I would spend the next three minutes reloading. That means I was paying a lot more for standing around then I was for shooting. With a magazine fed gun I could load a number of magazines up before I went in and then spend my time and money shooting instead of standing around pulling bullets out of a box. In relation to hunting this was also a huge advantage. I could load up and carry three magazines instead of carrying a box of ammunition or a bunch of ammunition poured in my pocket, that I would then have to fumble with, drop, or trail behind me, as it fell out of a hole in my pocket. So the Readers Digest version is it was much more convenient and therefore more fun.
My next rifle was a Ruger Mini 14.


This rifle was for larger game such as coyotes, and maybe even pig, or deer. It is actually very similar to an AR 15. It shoots the same bullet at the same speed and uses magazines the same size and style. Anything you are shooting at with this gun would not be able to tell the difference between this and an AR 15.
Finally for when I was sitting still hunting larger game, and I wanted a more powerful round I got a Remington 740.


This gun shoots a much larger and more powerful round. It too is magazine feed but as with the other guns I got it many years ago. These guns represented my hunting guns from the time I was in highschool until I was in my fifties.

Now the real information begins. After I became an FFL I noticed almost every rifle I was selling was an AR. One of my customers bought two. I asked him what he was going to use them for? I honestly did not care if he had them, but like so many I did not understand the reasoning and he was getting two. His answer was “Well this one will be for walking up pigs and this one will be my deer gun.” Ok hunting. So then I asked him the question I had heard so many times from the anti-gun gang. If you are going to use them to hunt, why now get a regular hunting rifle? (Like mine right?) He looked at me as if I had spoken to him in a foreign language. He honestly didn’t understand the question. After some discussion I figured out, unlike me, he did not grow up hunting. His first ever experience with a gun was in the military. An AR 15 was the gun that was familiar to him. Its just what he is use to. The fact is a ton of the people I was selling to were just like him. They are ex-military. They know the gun, and they know how easy it is to set up for any kind of hunting that they want. They were actually thinking I was the crazy person.
After this my curiosity got the better of me. I started studying the platform that is the AR and I learned how great it was. Typically lighter, easier to modify for what you want and what you are doing. I can add grips, lights, optics all in a mater of seconds, and I can do it myself instead of paying a gunsmith to set it up. So I sold my:


and bought an:







I sold my:





And bought:








Finally I sold my:






And I bought:

My new ARs are all the same calibur as the old rifle they replaced.

I was in a class one time and the instructor was asked about revolvers. His answer was “Look rotory phones were great back in the day. Do you want to use one today?” It is the same with these rifles. Muskets were great back in the day, but all things, including firearms advance. The AR is in fact a great hunting platform. Easy to work with, light, and modernly reliable. You don’t NEED a car. They kill thousands each year, but do you want to ride a horse to work? Sure the things that make the AR a great gun make it great for bad people as well, but that is true for everything.

Sorry this was so long but honestly I left out so much on this subject. I hope this answers this question for some or at least opens some minds. As always I am open to discuss this subject and yes we can go into the gun control debate if you like I just did not want to do that here.