Concealed Handgun License: $75 This is a one day class taught by ex law enforcement officer. We will see that you get the personal attention you need to make this a great experience and that you leave feeling confident you have the tools you need to be a successful and responsible armed citizen.  

Close Range Gun Fighting I: $200.00 This is a one day basic class that covers safety, some “when to employee” a fire arm, general combat marksmanship, and deploying your weapon from concealed carry and fighting.

Close Range Gun Fighting II: $350.00 In this two day class we cover safety, quickly retouch on the basics of CRGF I, and then introduce a number of drills and exercises to get the student moving while shooting. This is an intermediate level class where close attention to safety is paid as we prepare the student for the true goal of not just surviving but winning an armed encounter should the need ever arise.

Force on Force: $400.00 This two day class is the pentacle in self-defense training with a pistol. It actually has a minimal amount of live fire and is primarily taught using Airsoft. By employing these nonlethal weapons we are able to actually put into practice the real dynamics encountered in an armed self-defense scenario. This is truly an eye opening class.

Private Instruction: $45.00 per hour. This is strictly tailored to your needs and desires. It could include anything from choosing your first gun, and becoming faimiliar with it, to getting ready for your CHL class, all the way to Force on Force. I can also make arrangements to come to your location. Please feel free to give me a call and discuss your needs.

If you are interested in any class please call Troy Amason at 972-979-6185 or email at