What time do your classes start?

Classes start AT scheduled times and run for the full duration. If you arrive late you have missed valuable information that you paid for. Plan to arrive early and stay till the listed time.

What about lunch?

This will be covered in the class description or in an email sent to you once you are registered. I will either let you know of nearby restaurants or will let you know that none are close enough and you will need to bring your lunch.

Where will class be held?

Classes are held at various locations around DFW and the surrounding area. The exact location of your class will be included in an email with directions after you are registerd.

What equipment will I need?

Exact requirements for each class will be covered in the description for that exact class on the schedule page. It is always wise to consider what might make you more comfortable though. Clothes for whatever weather is possible. Extra batteries for any electronics you might use, like ear protection. Sun screen and a folding chair. Plenty of fluids, but no alcohol. Notebook and pen in case you want to jot something down.

Why don’t you have a shopping cart?

Shopping carts are expensive. I am an owner operated business trying to keep cost down for you. It is really simple to buy anything. Just notice the item # of whatever you are interested in. Then click on any of my email links and write me a short email with any special instructions, your shipping info, and that item #. If the item is still available (I sell them first come, first serve) I will send you an invoice and you can pay from that. Your item will be shipped as soon as your payment is cleared.

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