CHL (Concealed Handgun License) Class Info

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Start Time: 10.00am – Ends 5 to 6.00pm

$75 per person – Includes Range Fees & Training Materials

Email me at or Call 972-979-6185

Note: CHL Renewals do not now need to attend a class.  Renew online at TX DPS web site

Active/retired military, LE, FD & EMS personnel ~ Save $10 on CHL classes
(Subject to status verification: $65 for New CHL class ~ We appreciate and thank you for your service.)

Semi-Auto Pistol Rental (Optional): $30 ~ Includes 50 rounds of ammo & ear/eye protection

To obtain a TX Concealed Handgun License (CHL) you must take a CHL qualification class and also apply to the TX DPS (Department of Public Safety) for the actual license.  Once you have taken and passed a CHL class you still have two years to complete your application process.  The minimum age to take a CHL qualification class is 20 years old, or 18 years old for serving/recent ‘honorable discharge’ military personnel.

About Our CHL Classes:

The quality of our State certified CHL instructors and the training they provide is second to none, and we’re pleased to say we have a 100% success rate.  Our instructors make the class as interesting and interactive as possible. They are calm, patient and used to helping students get past any ‘exam nerves’, so not only have all our CHL students qualified first time but many have ‘aced’ both the multiple choice test and the shooting test. If anyone ever does have difficulty passing the DPS will allow a student two retests and we’ll do those free. (There will be a small additional charge for gun loan/extra ammo, if required.)

Click here to view Concealed Handgun License Laws

What’s Included In Our Price:
We include everything you need for a CHL qualification class. Our private training facilities in Maypearl (near Waxahachie, TX) means no long drive from classroom to gun range and no extra range fees either (typically $10-$20). We also provide the necessary classroom materials, fresh coffee, and water. (Usually cookies, fruit or donuts as well – what more could you ask for!)

What You’ll Need to Bring With You To Class:
All you need to bring to an AmasonAdvanced CHL class is a responsible, positive attitude, plus:

1:     Your driver’s license (or State photo ID if you don’t have a DL);
2:    Your unloaded handgun (.32 caliber or larger), two magazines if possible, and at least 50 rounds of ammo;*
3:     ‘Over the ear’ or ’ear muff’ style hearing protection and safety/corrective glasses;**
4:     Suitable clothing to avoid hot brass getting where it shouldn’t. (Closed toe shoes, long pants, and ‘round neck’ or button down shirt. A baseball cap or other small brimmed hat is also recommended.);
5:     Any additional snacks/non alcoholic drinks you want. Bring your lunch to eat during class. With the shorter class time we will only take short breaks. (Fridge & microwave available for students’ use.)

*Limited number of semi-auto pistols available to rent for $30 inc 50 rounds of ammo.
**Ear muffs and/or safety glasses available to borrow free.
Note:  All items are subject to availability – Don’t forget to ask when you book your class!

The CHL Shooting Proficiency Test:
All weapons and magazines must be kept unloaded and stored out of sight in your locked vehicle at all times unless your class instructor requests otherwise.

CHL students can use a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver which must be at least .32 caliber. The test isn’t complicated or difficult but we do recommend new and inexperienced shooters get some training or at least practice the test a few times before attending a CHL class because we’re not allowed to include time for ‘sighting in’ or practicing during the class.  Private coaching sessions are available (see below).Click here for a larger view of the scoring target

We supply students with a standard paper ‘B-27’ target for the test and if you want to practice you’ll find the same type in common use at gun ranges. If your local range doesn’t have them most shooting supply stores and online retailers sell them. If you’re really stuck for a target a large paper plate is a good substitute!

The passing score for the proficiency test is 70%, or 175 points out of a possible 250 and the image on the right shows how the shots are scored.

Click Here for the DPS’ list of the 50 shots and time allowed. (.pdf file)
(Needs the free Adobe Reader, click HERE to get it.)

What Happens Next:
When you have qualified for your CHL successfully your instructor will give you two forms, a CHL-100 certificate and CHL-6.  You have two years from your class date to mail both these forms to the DPS in support of your license application and we highly recommend you make a copy of both forms before you send them off just in case they go astray.  Note – If you don’t complete the application process within the two year period you will have to start all over again and repeat the whole application and testing process again from the start.

TX Dept. of Public Safety CHL Application Process:

To Access the DPS'  CHL Application Online Click HereThe DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) issues all CHLs (concealed handgun licenses) so you need to apply for one from the DPS as well as taking a New (aka ‘Original’) CHL qualification class. You can start the application process before taking a class if you want to save some time and believe you’re eligible for a license. As mentioned above, you have two years to complete your application process once you begin by either submitting your CHL application form online or mailing in the CHL-100 given to you after successfully qualifying in a class.

DPS application fees and our class fees are non-refundable so check you meet all the DPS’ eligibility requirements before applying for a license or booking a class anywhere. The DPS application form is quite simple and the fastest and most efficient way to apply is online via their website, although you can still apply by mail if necessary. The standard DPS application fee for a CHL is $140 for first time applications and $70 for renewals, but they do offer a range of big discounts depending on your status.

Click Here to see if you’re eligible for a CHL and find more useful info on the DPS FAQs page
Click Here to see the latest list of DPS standard and discounted CHL fees. (.pdf)
Click Here to apply for or renew your CHL on the DPS website.
(To open .pdf files download ‘Adobe Reader’ Here & install for free.)

Fingerprints are submitted electronically at MorphoTrust USA offices.After you submit your CHL application to the DPS and have received a receipt you must then book an appointment to have your fingerprints collected and submitted to the DPS electronically. MorphoTrust USA (aka L-1 Enrollment/L-1 Identity Solutions) are the only TX DPS approved vendor and they currently charge $9.95 for the service.

Click Here to find your nearest MorphoTrust USA office or schedule your fingerprint appointment on their website.
Click Here for the Waxahachie office of MorphoTrust USA (In the ‘Step One’ office on E Main St.)

Private Firearms Coaching:
Whether you’ve been shooting for years and want help with a glitch or you’re a total beginner and need to learn the basics, we can help with a private coaching session. Please include your desire for private coaching in your email when you register for the class or call Troy at (972) 979-6185 to discuss how we can best help you.

Please Note:
AmasonAdvanced will not refund any payments made by or on behalf of anyone who is now or becomes ineligible for a TX CHL; or who fails to attend a CHL class without providing sufficient notice of cancellation; or who fails their CHL class after both free retests; or who fails to complete the TX DPS CHL application or qualification process either correctly or within TX DPS specified time limits or deadlines.